Learn/Share Best Practices With the Best: DiversityInc's April Event

The 2012 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement

April 24 Agenda

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Best Practices From the DiversityInc Top 50

1:00 p.m.1:15 p.m. Introductory Remarks
Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

1:15 p.m.2:00 p.m. Keynote Address: Diversity Leadership at the Senior Level
Mark Wagar, president and CEO of Empire BlueCross BlueShield, discusses how critical diverse and diversity leadership is to resonating with customers and clients

2:00 p.m.2:45 p.m. Mentoring/Sponsorship: Breaking Barriers
Beth Mooney, chairman and CEO of KeyCorp, discusses how women can dispel stereotypes and rise to the highest levels of male-dominated organizations

2:45 p.m.3:00 p.m. Break

3:00 p.m.3:30 p.m. Finding & Nurturing Global Talent
Maritza Montiel, deputy CEO and vice chairman, Deloitte

3:30 p.m.4:30 p.m. Interactive Panel: Getting Women to the Top
Best strategies for women, including mentoring, sponsorship and leadership development. Panelists: Jim Norman, Kraft Foods; Jodi Davidson, Sodexo; Rhonda Crichlow, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation; Karyn Twaronite, Ernst & Young

4:30 p.m.4:45 p.m. Closing Remarks
Luke Visconti

6:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity Dinner
Dinner speaker: Dr. Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, professor at Harvard and director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

April 25 Agenda

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7:45 a.m. Registration & Breakfast

8:15 a.m.8:30 a.m. Introductory Remarks
Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

8:30 a.m.9:45 a.m. People Are Your Greatest Assets
Tom Voss, president, CEO and chairman of Ameren, talks about visibility and accountability in a Q&A with Luke Visconti

9:45 a.m.10:15 a.m. Global Human Rights
Attorney Raymond Brown explores the intersection of corporate outreach in societies that have different views on human rights

10:15 a.m.10:30 a.m. Break

10:30 a.m.11:30 a.m. Interactive Panel
Global employee-resource groups: What groups work best in a global setting, and how do they interact with U.S. groups Should they have different business goals Panelists: Lisa Mink, Dell; Sarah Siegel, IBM; Eugene Kelly, Colgate-Palmolive; Jennifer Christie, American Express

12:00 p.m.1:30 p.m. Networking Lunch
Chief Diversity Officer moderators: Dr. Rohini Anand, Sodexo; Emilio Egea, Prudential Financial; Jim Norman, Kraft Foods
Luncheon speaker: Carlos Orta, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

1:30 p.m.2:00 p.m. ‘Quality, Quantity and Diversity’: Is It True That You Can Only Get Two Out of the Three
That’s the old adage in enrollmentbut it’s not true. Rutgers’ Vice President for Enrollment Management Courtney McAnuff tells us how he managed to get all three.

2:00 p.m.3:00 p.m. Interactive Panel
How can you best encourage and facilitate global assignments Are global assignments essential for those on the way to the top tiers of your organization How do you get workers on board and how do you maximize their experiences Panelists: Linda Clement-Holmes, Procter & Gamble; Patricia Rossman, BASF; Sarah King, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

3:00 p.m.3:30 p.m. DiversityInc Global Research
What did our second round of in-depth global research in 17 countries reveal about best practices, what “inclusion” means locally, and how different industries are competing for global talent Barbara Frankel, senior vice president and executive editor, DiversityInc

3:30 p.m.3:45 p.m. Closing Remarks
Luke Visconti

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