ADP TotalSource Raises the Bar with Enhanced Professional Employer Organization Offerings

Originally Published by ADP.

With record-low unemployment creating talent scarcity, increasing regulatory and compliance challenges, and a growing focus on workplace culture, small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners are facing critical workforce management challenges.  At South by Southwest® (SXSW®) 2019, ADP TotalSource, the largest certified1 Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the United States, showcased how an enhanced PEO offering can help business leaders better address these challenges.

“As the needs of the workforce evolve, we recognized that our offerings must equally evolve to address the changing world of work,” said Brian Michaud, senior vice president of ADP TotalSource.  “With constant updates to business regulations, changing global economies and advancements in technology, companies can benefit from having a partner in business growth. ADP TotalSource can provide valuable strategic guidance on current issues and trends including talent shortages and the growing emphasis on employer brand perception. Through these ever-evolving enhancements, we look forward to continuing to help our clients drive their overall business success.”

The full-service PEO offering gives business owners real-time data insights and benchmarks, a blueprint to help clients unlock employee potential, investigation support for workplace issues such as harassment or discrimination, and a patent-pending approach to help businesses confidently select the right plan offerings for their employees and family members.  This, in addition to the standard capabilities of a PEO, are just a few of the enhancements that align with the modern day workplace.

“Once I turned to ADP TotalSource, I immediately received the support and training I needed to be an effective HR professional,” said Angie Nocktonick, GM for Andes Coil Processors LLC.  “My HR Business Partner worked with me to develop a comprehensive talent package with the goal of retaining employees. Most importantly, I was able to successfully handle employee and HR needs while, without knowing, grow in my career thanks to the knowledge I received through my work with ADP TotalSource.”

A PEO like ADP TotalSource allows a small or midsized company to offer the same services and benefits as those at a global enterprise, without the need to staff an enterprise-size HR department.

“Here at Gloo, we are constantly evaluating our employee experience and challenging ourselves to go above and beyond with our offerings,” said Audrianna Hart, Human Resources Manager at Gloo. “Entering 2019, we partnered with ADP TotalSource to provide our employees access to a rich benefit plan that provided the maximum benefits, and feedback thus far has been fantastic. But this is only the beginning. Through the data and analytics dashboard available with ADP TotalSource, we have the ability to dive deep into perceptions of engagement and recognition to continue to improve company morale while fine-tuning our program – ultimately creating a great experience for our employees.”

Through ADP TotalSource, business leaders can save time, protect their business and move forward with confidence. The following are just some of the rich offerings available through ADP TotalSource:

  • Talent & Engagement:
    • Featuring a talent blueprint, ADP TotalSource HR experts work with employers to help them better engage and retain their workforce through solutions that support the core needs of an employee at work. ADP featured this approach to talent management and impact stories from employees on stage at SXSW on March 9
    • ADP’s full-service recruitment team is dedicated to helping its ADP TotalSource clients find and hire new staff and executive-level talent, while reducing the SMBs stress of uncovering top talent
  • Better Benefits:
    • Available now, a new patent-pending approach to helping business owners target the best benefit plan offerings for their employees. Executives can compare plan options and make more educated decisions about what plan offering is best for their company and budget
    • Providing an easy, secure integration with other vendors, ADP TotalSource integrates with the award-winning ADP Marketplace to further personalize offerings. Unique benefits include helping employees pay off student loans with payroll contributions, to offering a gift card recognition program to integrating your U.S. PEO population with your global population’s HR system of record
  • Protection & Compliance:
    • Receive access to built-in protection and expertise prepared to help you handle the most unexpected incidents. With the rise of discrimination and harassment claims, ADP TotalSource clients have access to a central investigation team to investigate complaints and provide guidance on a course of action. In addition, ADP TotalSource HR experts help companies properly handle employee relations issues and ADP TotalSource provides a legal defense benefit. Clients receive comprehensive support through ADP TotalSource
  • Expertise:
    • A dedicated team of SHRM-credentialed HR experts per client are available along with specialists if unique situations arise
    • Access to data to identify trends, personalize recommendations and ensure the business continues to drive forward along with insights such as:
      • Benchmarks to competition in areas such as turnover and overtime, staffing and understanding profit leaks
      • Pay equity analysis to understand where potential gaps may exist
    • Together with the client, ADP TotalSource develops a custom Success Plan that marries data analysis, the business’ current situation, and company goals that becomes the human capital plan for the organization

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