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No. 14 | Accenture




  • Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Workforce: 39.8% more than the Top 50
  • Blacks, Latinos and Asians Among Those Promoted Into Management: 42.5% more than the Top 50
  • Asians in Senior Leadership: 17.9% more than the Top 50


For the first time in 2016, Accenture released its U.S. workforce demographics, including breakdowns by ethnicity. Its number reveal that 51 percent of its U.S. workforce is ethnically diverse. Accenture plans to continue this disclosure in the future.

In addition to transparency with its data, the company utilized other best practices to open a dialogue on race. Over the summer Julie Sweet, chief executive officer — North America, led "Building Bridges," a town hall webcast that garnered an audience of over 4,000 people. A series of smaller webcasts followed; over 1,100 North America-based people in Accenture attended the forums. The company plans to continue "Building Bridges" discussions going forward.

Accenture utilizes a top-down approach when it comes to accessibility for people with disabilities. The company recently created its Accessibility Council, members of which are senior leaders who are charged with decisions pertaining to accessibility at Accenture.

The company also saw further success in its Diverse Supplier Development Program, developing its 129th business since 2005, and reported a 30 percent increase in procurement spend with diverse suppliers in the U.S.


Julie Sweet

Group Chief Executive, North America

"At Accenture, our commitment to inclusion and diversity starts at the top. We believe strongly that inclusion and diversity are essential for a high performing, talent-led organization. Quite simply, our diversity makes Accenture stronger, smarter and more innovative, which helps us better serve the needs of our clients, our people and our communities."

Nellie Borrero

Global Inclusion & Diversity Lead

"Sharing the importance of inclusion and diversity and bringing this topic to the forefront of people's minds and conversations is a part of everything we do. As a company, Accenture continues to listen to our people's perspectives while seeking new and different opportunities to bring about the change we need to achieve equality, embrace diversity and provide an inclusive environment for all."

U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

Global Employees: 387,413

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