Overview of The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity

The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity process began in 2001 and is the leading assessment of diversity management in corporate America.   The results are derived exclusively from corporate survey submissions from companies with at least 750 employees in the U.S. Companies are evaluated within the context of their own industries. Subsets of the same data submission are used to determine our Specialty Lists. Companies cannot buy a spot on the Top 50 or Specialty Lists.  The Top 50 process is not pay to play.

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Like diversity management itself, the list has evolved significantly and continues to be refined and improved to reflect how rapidly companies are adapting and executing diversity management strategies.

In 2020, more than 1,800 companies participated. There is volatility on the list as new companies gain strength and others work to keep up with quickly evolving best practices and diversity-related outcomes.

Participation in the Top 50 survey is free and every participating company that completes their submission receives a free report card, assessing its performance versus all competitor's overall performance in six key areas of diversity and inclusion management:

  • Human Capital Diversity Metrics: gender and racial/ethnicity breakdown of representation in overall workforce representation, overall management, senior management, new hires, promotions, and 10% highest paid populations.
  • Leadership Accountability: CEO/senior leadership commitment and accountability, board of directors, office of diversity and inclusion, diversity council practices, and representation metrics.
  • Talent Programs: employee resource groups, mentoring, high potential and sponsorship programs, practices, and participation metrics.
  • Workplace Practices: talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding, diversity training, workforce development and engagement, LGBT, people with disabilities, military community, and employee benefits policies and practices.
  • Supplier Diversity: spend with companies owned by people from underrepresented groups, accountability, and practices
  • Philanthropy: contributions to non-profit organizations focused on people from underrepresented groups, employee volunteerism, and matching programs and practices.

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Unless prior approval has been provided, we do not divulge specific data of any company. We manage each company’s data in a secure environment to maintain confidentiality. If a company earns a spot on the DiversityInc Top 50 list or one of the Specialty Lists, we only discuss the shared best practices it utilizes that helped it make the list. If a company does not make one of the lists, we do not reveal any information - including the company name. There is no negative commentary or press associated with participation, so a company has nothing to lose by completing the free survey.

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