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Florida Police Shoot and Kill Black Mental Health Patient

A Broward Circuit judge designated Jarvis Randall as a "violent offender of special concern" in February but noted he "DOES NOT pose a danger."

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies shot and killed, Jarvis Randall, a Black psychiatric patient after he allegedly charged at the officers with broken glass.

The deputies were called to University Hospital in Tamarac about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night after the staff reported that he had become violent and was threatening other people in the mental health portion of the facility. Broward Sheriff County Spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright recounted the encounter in a statement: "When deputies arrived at the facility, they tried to calm down Randall, who was demonstrating aggressive threatening behavior."

Deputies then fired bean bags at Randall and they said that he continued to charge them. At that point, all three deputies shot him.

Jarvis Randall, 30, was taken to Broward Health North where he died just before midnight.

The deputies involved in the fatal shooting have been placed on restricted duty while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the incident.

Randall was on mental-health probation for burglary charges dating back a decade. Broward Circuit Court judge signed Randall's probation order on Feb. 27, he determined Randall was a "violent offender of special concern."

According to court documents, Judge Ernest Kollra added a note to the file stating Randall "DOES NOT pose a danger."

Randall's five-year probation sentence was scheduled to expire in 2023.

It's a fact that the police can shoot if they feel they are in danger. Whatever that looks like. However, did it really take three officers to shoot one man who was running towards them with broken glass?

Reader Question: Do you think that the deputies would have shot and killed Randall had he been white?

The Conversation (10)
bekki layman06 Dec, 2018

Of course not. They're trained that way. Sad thing is even black cops do it. They dont even do simple things like charge these white women for misuse of 911

votetocorrect05 Dec, 2018
All Police Forces Need Cops That Can Deal With Mental Health Patients!
Tonya L05 Dec, 2018

Kiiling Black men and women is what the police do, If he was a white man who had just killed a group of people he would have been taken into custody with out incident. We see this over and over again

Mary Ramsay05 Dec, 2018

Absolutely not! A white man would have been spared. There is an epidemic of police officers shooting black men in our nation!

I am outraged by their behavior. They ignored the fact that a Judge Krolla had stated that he “does present a danger.”’

They may be police officers but they do not have the right to commit murder.

My heart is breaking right now— for Randall and for so many other Black men in particular.

05 Dec, 2018

No , it didn’t take three officers to kill him but at least all three can brag at the cross burning with their Spouses , Children , Families And Friends that they got them a Ni***r . Inside mental institutions, they are Trsined to Subdue combative patients, who are then forcibly given a drug that knocks them out . They place them in bed with a straight jacket inside a room with rubber mats and walls . The man shouldn’t be dead . The judge said he was violent , meaning he had outbursts but that he was not a danger .

05 Dec, 2018

No, the deputies would not have shot and killed this individual if he had been white. Disparate treatment is at the crux of most discrimination against Black men. We as a society have to change - why were the police called in the first place- should have been restrained by staff and sedated. Once you introduce law enforcement into a situation, you've escalated it to a life and death level.

Dawn06 Dec, 2018
Most school shootings and mass murders are done by white males. As well most high profile serial killers are also white males. Remember the white school shooter who was treated to a hamburger because he was hungry? If he had been a Black man, he would have been shot dead. It shouldn't take 3 "trained" police officers to bring down a psychiatric patient.
Antonio Rollins05 Dec, 2018

It saddens me to be able to say no, I don't think this Situation would have escalated to gunfire had the mental Patient been black. Especially during in times like these where race is a prime reason for the mistreatment of all people of Color.

Larry Kanter05 Dec, 2018


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Viral Video Sparks Debate on Racial Disparities in How Police Use Force

A video of a white man yelling at a white cop, without physical consequences, has more than 1 million views.

Botham Jean, Jemel Roberson and Emantic Bradford Jr. were all minding their own business, not mouthing off, and they were shot dead by police. Sandra Bland questioned an officer and wound up dead in a jail cell.

So when a video of an unidentified white man spewing expletives at an officer, throwing his license at the officer, and threatening to kill the officer, without any physical consequences, started circulating on Twitter, it went viral with more than 1 million views this week.

People of color on Twitter commented that had it been them in the video, they would've had bullets in the chest by the time the truck passed:

There are studies that well document how Blacks have been treated differently by police. In the case traffic stops, whites were 57 percent more likely to be spoken to with respectful language, whereas Black drivers were 61 percent more likely to experience an exchange that was the least respectful. Officers language with the least respect included calling people, "dude, bro, boss, man, brotha, sista or chief".

FBI data found that U.S. police kill Black people at disproportionate rates: Black people accounted for 31 percent of police killing victims in 2012, even though they made up just 13 percent of the U.S. population. And 62.7 percent of unarmed people killed by police are Black.

Yet racists, and some conservatives believe the treatment is deserved because Blacks did something wrong.

For example, in Orlando's International Airport in August, a white male Trump supporter tackled to the ground by police for being a disruptive passenger knew his privilege, when he said, "You're being rough with me. You're f***ing treating me like a Black person."

Reader Question: How does the video of the white man berating the white officer make you feel?

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