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Indiana Woman Arrested for Leaving Racist Note on Neighbor's Door

She greeted the new neighbor's Black son by calling him the N-word.

Deborah Cantwell, age 63, was arrested for leaving a racist note, which targeted their Black son, on the door of her new neighbor's home.

An unidentified man called deputies to the new home he and his family were moving into on Thursday in Howard County because he found a disgusting note filled with racial slurs attached to the front door. The house had also been covered in toilet paper.

The letter read: "NO N—–S wanted in this neighborhood. THIS IS A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD – some people find N—–S stressful due to 33 years of NEGATIVE experience [sic] and it causes serious health issues."

Cantwell admitted to writing the letter and defacing the home with toilet paper stating:

"I mean, Blacks get away with it every time. Just rage, I was trying to vent."

She has been charged with misdemeanor charges of intimidation and criminal mischief.

The ornery racist even refused to apologize.

"I was just trying to let them know that they weren't really … welcome as far as us," Cantwell continued. "I just needed to let off some steam … I'm not a violent person so I didn't think it was any big deal."

"Just the sight of the child reminds me of all the things I live in this town to forget," the note read. "Takes me back to the n—–s that beat my sibling – bloody and bruised – and police saying they couldn't do anything because they are Black."

The former neighbor who sold the house to the family informed them that Cantwell was opposed to them buying the house so when both incidences occurred, the father suspected the woman as the culprit.

When asked about how she felt, the boy's mother replied: "I will forgive you one day, but for now you have instilled in all my heart, a fear I have never had before. You have instilled fear in my family, you have instilled fear [in] my children. This fear I have is crippling."

The Conversation (8)
Phillip Roberts31 Oct, 2018

OK---it is HIGH time that when things like THIS happen, that the perp of the problem be not only arrested, and charged, but also, more happen to them than just charged with a "misdemeanor'---I'm getting to the point where these ignorant bastards need a baseball bat across their faces!!! And, as for being "fearful'??? That bitch would've found herself in a WORLD of hurt from what she did with my child---it is WAY TO LATE TO FORGIVE ANY RACIST....THAT S**T NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

votetocorrect01 Nov, 2018

Why is this crime not seen as a Hate Crime when she admits to it? Surely there is a Federal Prosecutor that reads these postings and will step up to the plate on this matter!

Susan31 Oct, 2018

You are so right Phillip Roberts! I would have beat her ass and whomever came after her! No fear here! If it was the other way around they would be in jail right now being charged with more than a misdemeanor!! That’s a fact!!

TRACI01 Nov, 2018

ABSOLUTELY agree with Phillips. I am a Christ follower and I have NO MORE cheeks to turn. We MUST begin responding in kind. Forgiveness is between the victim(s) and God. It has NOTHING to do with appropriate consequences. Point. Blank. Period. I'm fighting for mine every way necessary

Rhondayes03 Nov, 2018

Wow. First off, she lied. Her piece of fiction has plenty holes in it. No. I won't give her the benefit of the doubt. She lied. I would pursue this until it was labeled a hate crime and she had to do the entire 25. I don't like her. Also, her health problems has to do with her obesity and not Black people. Trick.

Dawn06 Nov, 2018

Whaaat? How immature is it to leave a very nasty note on a neighbors door, then toilet paper their house! I am so glad she was arrested, but I also believe it should be a hate crime. She is afraid because her brother was beat by some Black men? Funny, I was hit by a white man once... I'm not afraid of anyone! These excuses of "I'm afraid", are nonsense and really annoying.

Karl05 Nov, 2018

she describes herself as “non-violent”! Her actions were violent, ignorant, racist and contemptible. She blames her attitude on an incident she alleges happened to a sibling beaten by blacks and the police saying there was nothing that could be done because the perpetrators were black. This is such bs! In my more than 30 years in a major city police department I’ve never heard that excuse from anyone in my department or any other of the departments I’ve interacted with. Simply put, this is a racist. She deserves both punishment and shame! At her age it’s probably too late for her; hopefully not too late for those around her. Disgusting

Don01 Nov, 2018

Hold on a min. Didn't she say her sibling was beat up "bloody and bruised" by blacks and the police wouldn't do anything. Maybe she has the same fear of blacks that the mother now has for whites.

Not an excuse for what she did though, nope not ever.

It's not too late to stop the hate.

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White Woman Yells Racial Remarks at Voter, Gets Arrested

For her actions, Wendy Bies spent the night behind bars.

Wendy Bies, a 53-year-old white woman, walked into the Gallatin County Courthouse looking for a ballot; she walked out of the courthouse with a criminal record.

How did this trade happen? She saw Brian Mango waiting in line to vote in the Montana's battleground U.S. Senate and congressional campaigns on Tuesday, and told the 22-year-old, "Go back where you came from."

"Do you know why mom is here? Because Americans bombed her country," Mango said of his mother, a refugee from Laos.

"Do you know why my dad's here? Because they brought his ancestors here in chains," he said of his father, who is Black.

Bies replied with ridicule, "They wanted to come to America to get out of that f*cking a**-hole city. So don't you tell me this is not where you want to be."

Realizing that she may have started something she could not get out of, Bies bellowed, "You are not going to stop me from voting. We need a civil order to separate us."

Mango said Bies began making racial comments after she told him he had a "cute butt."

Footage was captured by Tennison Big Day, a Native American, who was behind the two of them in line. Big Day told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle he heard Bies claim that it was President Trump who gave Mango his voting rights.

Bies spent the rest of election night in Gallatin County jail after being arrested on charges of obstructing a police officer and disorderly conduct. She pleaded not guilty and remained jailed on $500 bail Wednesday afternoon.

See the video:

Election Day arrest at Gallatin County Courthouse