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Racist Uber Driver Caught on Video

A Uber ride turned into racist ranting.

Photo Courtesy of Kiara White

Kiara White, a Davenport, Iowa, resident, recorded a racist tirade by her driver while using the Uber ride service.

The rant, which was allegedly initiated by the driver after he went the wrong direction on a one-way street twice, has been shared via Facebook. Apparently, the man was having issues understanding the GPS and the subsequent danger caused White to react.

The white driver, identified only as "Timothy," and White, who's is Black, engaged in an emotionally charged banter on the way to her destination. The initial back and forth was not recorded.

White claims "Timothy" called her "a whore who sold drugs" just like "all Black people." And that's when the verbal assault began. She pulled out her cellphone and began to record the exchange.

He began to make monkey noises and even as she disclosed that she was recording him, "Timothy" continued. He yelled for her to exit his vehicle and White threatened to call the police or she wanted the fare refunded to her. He also called her the n-word as well as a b---- as White laughed and called him a clown.

She later filed a complaint with Uber and her account was blocked. Uber didn't give a reason for the alleged ban.

According to "Timothy's" Uber profile, he hadn't even worked for the company for a month, but he did have a 4.82 rating out of five stars. Uber has reportedly fired the racist driver.

The company also issued a statement, regarding the incident:

"This behavior is appalling and it has no place on the Uber app or anywhere. Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination and as soon as we learned of this report, we removed this driver's access to the app. Uber seeks to ensure that safe, reliable, and high-quality transportation options are available to everyone," and vows a zero-tolerance approach to abuse "against riders or drivers based on race" and other identifying characteristics. "Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition will lose access to the Uber platform."

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi leads Uber's executive team. In 2017, after a string of revelations about unethical practices and workplace harassment, some Uber customers vowed to turn their back on company. As a result, Uber lost market share to Lyft in 2018.

White was banned by the company, but according to that recorded exchange, both White and "Timothy" violated Uber's policy.

Reader Question: Do you think the passenger should have had her account banned as well?

The Conversation (8)
Bill Woodson12 Jan, 2019

That was horrible, ridiculous, and vile. Uber fired the driver as a result. Well, of course they needed to fire that guy! But regarding Ms. White... This probably won't begoing to be a popular stand. Ugly is ugly. I think it's clear that both parties got ugly. We don't know who started it. Ms. White report's that she made a comment about his driving which seems pretty mild and reasonable given her report that he had just gone down two one-way streets the wrong way. And I always hold the person who is "on the job" to a higher standard than the paying customer. But Ms. White decided to verbally go right down in the gutter with that driver. And stayed right down there with his despicable behavior and language. I'm not giving the driver a pass, by any means. Fire his ass. But if it were my company, I wouldn't want Ms. White as a repeat customer either. If someone calls me out of my name, that doesn't, in my book, give me license to jump into a six minute long toe-to-toe verbal abuse contest.

I know some, maybe many will disagree. But, hey, if you choose to record the situation, you have to decide how you want your five-minutes of Internet fame to go down. If you want it to be that you got down in the mud with an ignoramus, that's your business. But I might not want your business next time that badly. Especially given that Uber's sharing-economy business model is predicated on creating a space where both drivers and passengers need to feel safe in a car with a stranger, predicated on a relationship created and curated by Uber.

Someone else suggested a one-year ban for Ms. White. That feels about right to me as well.

12 Jan, 2019

both should be banned from Uber. He forever and she for a year. She edged it on and was not quit

Pamela Ryals15 Jan, 2019

So sorry, but listening to this. She started it all. She called him lots of names and it made him furious. She really has some type of anger. They both need some help.

grannybunny14 Jan, 2019

If I were Ms. White, I wouldn't want to ever use Uber again.

Tracy Brooks13 Jan, 2019

I have never used Uber or Lyft but do have an opinion on this subject considering through my speculation only that the entire Uber management team are probably very white and have never been in a situation where as a black person been racially disrespected by a clerk or in this case a driver whom is supposed to be serving you as their company representative. I don't know anyone whom would sit there and allow themselves to be disrespected in this manner without jumping in the perverbial mud with this racist ass-hole so for Uber to suspend this young ladies account for defending herself against their obviously racist employee show's their corporate lack of understanding of the black experience in American society.

I personally would recommend that all black Uber customers show their utter contempt for this corporate decision by utilizing the competing service provider.

Clarissa Murphy12 Jan, 2019

“My bi—-,” lol

12 Jan, 2019

Uber went overboard banning her account . I can’t say that she should not have engaged him because, when someone verbally violated you , you just want to stand your ground .

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Even after the children split up while trying to run away, he continued to chase them. A witness on the scene saw Watkins chase the victims at a high rate of speed, running them off the road.

Watkins admitted to police he and the family got into an argument while at the store, but didn't say he chased them in his car.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

The population of Memphis is 63.9 percent Black and 29.2 percent white, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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