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'The View's' Sunny Hostin Slams Right-Wing Immigration Policy: Video

"It's always about Brown and Black people and that's not the truth," Hostin said.

Things got a little heated Monday on ABC's "The View" when co-hosts right-wing conservative Meghan McCain (daughter of the late Sen. John McCain) and Sunny Hostin got into a debate about undocumented immigrants and U.S. open borders.

McCain was the only co-host to be on the side of stronger immigration laws, as the rest of the hosts complained about racism and the lack of "humanity" displayed by President Donald Trump.

The crew were discussing the tweet sent out by Trump, which "warned" Americans about "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners" mixing in with the crowd coming from Central America.

Soon thereafter, McCain dissented from the view of her co-hosts. Abby Huntsman displayed empathy for the large waves of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. She commented on how heartbreaking their situation was and that this is a "humanity issue."

McCain immediately jumped in stating: "We're also a nation of laws. We're a nation of laws and borders, which is part of my problem with the way some of how this is being spun. This is a conservative fever dream and a gift to the midterm elections."

"This is exactly what conservatives think people on the left want to have happen into this country," she continued. "I'm not saying not accepting refugees. I'm not saying not accept legal immigration. What a lot of people on the left are saying, no one on this table, is that you want open borders and no consequences whatsoever."

Trump Calls Caravan Of Migrants Headed To U.S. A National Emergency

Sunny Hostin, whose mother is Puerto Rican, and father, African-American, obviously irritated by the "colorblind rhetoric," interjected saying: "I wish that then the people on the right would tell the truth about what's really happening in immigration because the largest number of undocumented ..."

McCain cut her off asking: "Did you just accuse me of not telling the truth?"

Hostin continued: "Can I just say this, when you look at the stats, 41 percent of undocumented immigrants are from Asia, from Asia. A large majority of undocumented immigrants are from Sweden, they're from Canada. They aren't on that caravan. And I wish people on the right pointed that out. It's always about Brown and Black people and that's not the truth."

The audience exploded into a round of applause in support of Hostin's rebuttal.

McCain denied the fact that she was "bringing race into this."

The Conversation (6)
Yankeein TN23 Oct, 2018

On these talk shows people can use any %, numbers, stats and most people have not idea if they are correct. I did a quick google search on Hostin's comment that 41% of undocumented immigrants are from Asia. On it shows 13% from Asia and 71% from Mexico and Central America, 6% from S. America.

votetocorrect23 Oct, 2018
I'm sick of Megan McCain talking about 1 incident involving an illegal in a shooting, and relating it to all of them! 99% of illegals come to the US to work and it is illegal for employers to hire them but they still do. It's the employers that need jail time or follow the law! Lastly, those seeking refuge from terror in their countries aren't being granted access because of the racist Trump regime, and saying terrorist are mixed in with the caravan on the way is a fear tactic!
R.Flowers24 Oct, 2018

It's easy to be a Host on The View and live in their high income, economically advantaged, protected neighborhoods, and speak of humanitarianism. It's another to live in a border State and actually live in neighborhoods impacted by illegal immigration.

Neill24 Oct, 2018

@yankeein TN -- please provide a link to back up your assertion, otherwise you're no better than the peson you're trying ot criticize.

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