Diversity Web Seminar on Recruitment Reveals 5 Strategies to Find, Engage and Retain Talent

Diversity management starts with creating a diverse workforce, which means solid diversity recruitment strategies. In a diversity web seminar featuring diversity experts from Target and Ernst & Young, we reveal 5 diversity-and-inclusion recruitment best practices with proven results.

Recruitment efforts only are successful if they are sustainable, executives from Ernst & Young and Target (Nos. 6 and 30, respectively, in the 2012 DiversityInc Top 50) say during our web seminar on recruitment and hiring gaps.

This 90-minute presentation features Barbara Frankel, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor, DiversityInc; Ken Bouyer, Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting, Ernst & Young; and Damu McCoy, Director of Talent Acquisition, Target.

Bouyer and McCoy both provide best practices for recruitment and on-boarding and explain why a multifaceted approach to recruitment is the most successful for those looking to build and maximize the potential of a diverse workforce. Their presentations include:

  • How Ernst & Young and Target attract Black, Latino and Asian top performers.

  • How to leverage talent development initiatives to attract new hires.
  • How a global workforce can provide enhanced work opportunities, and ultimately longer tenure, for new hires.
  • How to determine which organizations will offer strategic recruitment relationships.
  • What types of internships and orientation programs are most effective.

"It all goes back to understanding the recruitment data and being able to embed diversity and inclusion in everything that you do," Bouyer says.

 >> Watch Diversity Web Seminar: Recruitment/Hiring Gaps on BestPractices.DiversityInc.com.

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