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Wells Fargo: No. 17 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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The top-rated bank on our list moves up eight spots with its first-rate market outreach and innovative talent-development best practices.

It starts with strong leadership from Chairman, CEO and President John Stumpf and Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Jimmie Paschall. Stumpf heads the executive diversity council, meets quarterly with employee resource groups, signs off on executive compensation tied to diversity goals, and links executive performance reviews with diversity goals. Those include being an executive sponsor of a resource group, procurement, and involvement with multicultural nonprofits.

Wells Fargo has a diverse board of directors. The 16-member board is 12.5 percent Latino, 12.5 percent Asian, 6.25 percent Black, and 31.25 percent women.

The company has highly developed talent-development programs for high-potentials from underrepresented groups, with almost all its top-two-level executives participating in its cross-cultural mentoring program.

The company has had a remarkable focus on ways to serve underrepresented groups, including the LGBT community, Latinos and veterans.


John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO

“We view diversity and inclusion as a path to innovation for our company. We are working to build a diverse and inclusive organization with the ability to see the world from multiple perspectives. This will help us advance our business model and strategies, see and capitalize on new business opportunities, and will determine our long-term success in the global marketplace.”

Jimmie Paschall
Executive Vice President, Head of Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion

“With more than 264,000 team members, we know there is power in mobilizing our global organization around common diversity and inclusion goals and priorities. By doing so, we will create a sustainable culture that is accepting of differences, open to new ideas and able to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”



U.S. Headquarters: San Francisco

U.S. Employees: 265,462


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