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University of New Mexico Hospitals: No. 10 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Hospital Systems

Hospital Information

U.S. Headquarters: Albuquerque, N.M.
U.S. Employees: 6,962
Last Year’s Top 5 Hospital Systems Ranking: Not in Top 5

Why It’s on the List

University of New Mexico Hospitals earned a spot on the list as a first-time participant. In October 2010, the hospital created its Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, which includes a major emphasis on reducing healthcare disparities.

The hospital has very diverse leadership—its board of directors has 50 percent more racial/ethnic diversity than and double the female diversity of the DiversityInc Top 50 averages. Its top level (CEO and direct reports) has double the percentage of women of the DiversityInc Top 50.

The hospital’s impressive management demographics are related to its formal mentoring program, which includes group, peer and on-boarding mentoring. The mentoring initiative has measurable goals to assess progress, formal follow-up and is available across the organization. Almost three-quarters of the mentoring pairs are in cross-cultural relationships, and mentors receive cultural-competence training. Senior executives are part of the formal mentoring initiative.

UNM Hospitals has mandatory diversity training for all its managers and for its entire workforce. The hospital’s executives also are very involved in the community, with 58 percent of its senior executives (top two levels) sitting on the boards of directors of multicultural nonprofits.

Diversity Leadership
Steve McKernan

“UNM Hospitals is a gateway to healthcare in New Mexico. Our mission includes patient care, education and research components—all tied to the diverse culture our state reflects. Knowing our community is crucial in offering caring and efficient services to our multicultural population, and it also drives how we best provide that care. Understanding how a diverse workforce can help in offering those services is something we continue to learn and develop. At no time in our organization has the ability to connect and care for a diverse population been more critical to our work, and we’re embracing that opportunity every day.”

Jim Pendergast
Chief Diversity Officer and Administrator, Human Resources

“In 1954 the federal government decided that Albuquerque needed a Native American hospital—59 years later, UNM Hospitals has transitioned from a Native American hospital to a county hospital to the only academic medical center in New Mexico. UNM Hospitals truly reflects the community it serves, as we are a majority minority workforce. Our core values include compassion and respect in our interaction with students, patients and colleagues; and diversity in people and thinking.

“We deliver more than $150 million of free healthcare to those who need our aide, and at the same time provide education for the next wave of medical professionals. From the entry-level job to the highest profession, we reflect Albuquerque and New Mexico, and strive to meet our community’s diverse needs.”