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University Hospitals: No. 1 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Hospital Systems

Hospital Information

U.S. Headquarters: Cleveland
U.S. Employees: 16,440
Last Year’s Top 5 Hospital Systems Ranking: No. 2

Why It’s on the List

In response to the Affordable Care Act, Northeast Ohio will have tens of thousands of newly insured patients from underrepresented groups. University Hospitals is preparing to address this new patient base with effective diversity management and culturally competent patient care.

Under CEO Thomas Zenty III and Chief Diversity Officer Donnie Perkins, University Hospitals has made remarkable diversity-management progress, as demonstrated by its human-capital numbers. The hospital system has 55 percent more women in its third level of management than the DiversityInc Top 50 average. Its board of directors has 54 percent more racial/ethnic diversity than the DiversityInc Top 50 average.

The hospital has several leadership-development programs that focus on building a more diverse pipeline for physicians and executives. These include the David Satcher Clerkship, which focuses on recruiting medical students from underrepresented groups, and the Henry L. Meyer III KeyBank Faculty Fellowship Program, established to increase the number of full-time faculty physicians and leaders from underrepresented groups.

The hospital is also meeting its supplier-diversity goals for construction, and now requires all major purchasing bids to include at least one woman- or minority-owned business as a bidder.

Diversity Leadership
Thomas F. Zenty III

“We have made it a corporate priority and a strategic business process to nurture and strengthen a culture of diversity and inclusion, both within our system and across our community. We establish objectives for diversifying our workforce and our vendor base, measure our progress and insist upon accountability. We focus our efforts on community outreach to increase health literacy and provide better access to quality care to those in need. And we constantly scan our environment, locally and nationally, for new ideas and best practices that support our commitment.”

Donnie J. Perkins
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion

“Research has shown that many people are more likely to seek care from people who look and sound like them. Therefore, our objective is to increase diversity of our board, leadership, physicians and our entire workforce, and to sustain a climate of dignity, respect and equity that meets the needs of our patients and the community we serve.”