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Toyota Motor North America: No. 38 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Under the guidance of Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Latondra Newton, Toyota continues to make progress as an employer of choice for ALL people. The company’s progress is demonstrated by its 10-spot jump on the list.

Toyota’s efforts at building an inclusive workplace helped it earn the honor of DiversityInc’s Top Company for Employee Engagement last October.

The company has increased senior-leadership involvement in diversity-and-inclusion initiatives, including having its top executives service as sponsors of employee resource groups and cross-cultural mentors. Executive compensation is linked to diversity metrics, assessed for personal goals and through corporate scorecards.

Toyota’s executive diversity council meets quarterly and signs off on metrics and goals. Resource-group members have rotational positions on the council. Toyota also has an external diversity council, with leaders from the government, nonprofit and private sector serving as a sounding board.

Toyota has formal succession planning for women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans. Its mentoring program includes virtual cultural-competence training and formal follow-up.

The company’s benefits, including onsite child care, have been a model for others and have contributed to the high employee engagement.


James E. Lentz
CEO, Toyota North America

“There is a simple truth behind our approach to diversity and inclusion: If we want to build great cars and trucks for the way our customers live, Toyota will strive to be a reflection of the America in which we live.”

Latondra Newton
Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

“At Toyota, we believe that inclusion cannot be a stand-alone initiative, an isolated department or a page in the employee manual. Fostering diversity is not only the right thing to do—but an integral part of our strategy to stay competitive in the marketplace.”



U.S. Headquarters: New York City

Global Employees: 333,498

U.S. Employees: 30,537