Things NOT to Say

Things NEVER to Say to Older Coworkers

From inquiring about age to asking if someone has had cosmetic surgery, there are some things you shouldn't say to older colleagues. Here's how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues

9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues

We keep hearing what straight, able-bodied white people shouldn't say to others, but what shouldn't you say to them? What are the best ways to work with white allies?

Things NEVER to Say to a Foreign-Born Colleague

From "You speak English so well!" to "You must have a sad story to tell," blurting out phrases such as these to an immigrant coworker can be highly offensive. What other blunder might you unintentionally make?

4 Things NEVER to Say to Someone Who Just Lost a Job

Nearly 9.4 percent of the working population is unemployed--and that rate is even higher among traditionally underrepresented groups. What should you avoid saying to people who've been handed the pink slip?

Things to Say to Young Coworkers

"Those are great ideas." "I appreciate your feedback." Encouragement and respect are powerful motivators for young employees. What else works?

Things NEVER to Say to Asian Coworkers

Comments such as "Can't you Americanize your name?" to "You must be so good at math" made to Asian colleagues are insulting. What else is inappropriate?

Things NEVER to Say to Young Coworkers

They're eager and ambitious, but millennial coworkers can be offended by age-related comments they perceive as condescending. What should you avoid saying?

10 Things NEVER to Say to Latino Executives

Have you accidentally said the wrong thing to a Latino executive? Or do you think that's a mistake you would never make? Find out what Latino executives think are the 10 things you should never say.

Things NEVER to Say to Women Executives

Before you make that harmless little comment to the woman in the next office, take a look at things you should never say to a female executive or coworker.

NPR’s ‘Tell Me More’ Features DiversityInc’s ‘Things NEVER to Say’ Series

DiversityInc's Luke Visconti discusses the popular "Things NEVER to Say" series on NPR with "Tell Me More" host Michel Martin.

Things ‘to’ Say to People With Disabilities

You may know that it's inappropriate to ask your colleague with a disability "How did you get that way?" But how do you communicate with someone who has a disability without causing offense? Here are a few suggestions.

What to Say to Biracial/Multiethnic Coworkers

You've read about what not to say to biracial and multiracial people. Now read what you SHOULD say.

7 Things NEVER to Say to People With Disabilities

Chances are you work with someone who has a disability. Think you'd never say something offensive to them? Check this list to find out what people with disabilities don't want to hear.