2017 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement Event

Resource Groups

Dr. Eliza Byard

Safe LGBT Spaces: What Schools Can Learn From Resource Groups

Diversity and inclusion can transform workplace experiences. GLSEN’s Dr. Eliza Byard shows how resource groups, like gay-straight alliances, can help.

work it tv show

‘I’m Puerto Rican—I’d Be Great at Selling Drugs’; ‘Not Married? She Must Be a Lesbian’

ABC’s new comedy “Work It” has offended Latinos, LGBT people, TV critics and viewers. How can a company use its employee-resource groups, diversity councils and clarity of values to prevent multicultural missteps?

How Do We Get Hourly Workers in Resource Groups?

Q. We are trying to find ways to include our hourly and union workers in as much of the D&I work as possible. As you know, working with unions can be particularly difficult, and I want to have as much guidance as I can get. If there is anything written on this, that would be helpful.

Innovative Ways to Use Resource Groups

Diversity leaders reveal that using ERGs in innovative ways can positively affect business results.

How Does DiversityInc Determine the Top 50?

Can you game the DiversityInc Top 50? CEO Luke Visconti provides inside info on what you can—and can't—do.

Do You Need a Generational Resource Group?

Generational employee-resource groups are increasingly popular. We explain what value they add and which employees to target.

Why You’re Not Developing New Customers

Finally tap into those potentially lucrative markets and increase business.

7 Ways to Increase Employee-Resource-Group Participation

What's the most important step to maximize your diversity management? Hint: You can't do it if you have low employee-resource-group participation.

How ERGs Increase Engagement

Chief diversity officers at DiversityInc's last learning event gave specific advice and case studies of how their employee-resource groups directly increase engagement. What can you learn from them? Attend our March 2-3 event and learn how they increase ERG participation.

Fourth Annual Employee-Resource Group Summit

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs Connecticut chapter held its Fourth Annual Employee-Resource Group (ERG) Summit at Travelers' Claim University in Windsor, Conn., on Sept. 7. The theme was "Energize Your ERGs: Delivering Value to Your Members and Organization," and the focus was on inspiring Connecticut's ERG leaders and promoting the sharing of best practices in their organizations.

Problem Solving With Employee-Resource Groups

Kraft Foods' Vice President of Diversity Jim Norman shares how employee-resource groups can drive organizational change by identifying key issues and focusing on solutions. Watch DiversityInc's roundtable discussion here.

Resource Groups & Business Results

Luke Visconti, CEO of DiversityInc, led a senior panel discussion examining the critical role employee-resource groups play in developing and supporting business strategy.

Employee-Resource Groups’ Direct Link to Engagement (VIDEO)

How does the level of engagement increase when employees are members of employee-resource groups? At a DiversityInc roundtable, Aetna's Raymond Arroyo, chief diversity officer, shared how a study at Aetna showed that employees who are members of ERGs are "double-digit" more engaged than their coworkers who aren't ERG members.

Ask the White Guy: Diversity Is Not in Your DNA

In this edition of "Ask the White Guy," DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti addresses a reader's inquiry about how to foster successful diversity management.

Effective Use of an LGBT Employee-Resource Group

PRIDE, American Express's LGBT employee-resource group, was instrumental in establishing domestic-partner benefits for the company. Read how the group's leader works with the 800-plus members of the ERG to enhance recruitment and retention for the company.

Starting Religious Employee-Resource Groups

Thinking of starting a faith-based employee-resource group? Here are best practices.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Are Employee-Resource Groups Relevant to Younger People?

A reader wants to know if younger employees, who are increasingly multicultural, will still find employee-resource groups useful. The White Guy explains why they are inclusive and very valuable to both companies and workers.