Legal Issues

What’s Protected Under ADA Disability Law?

Does the Americans with Disabilities Act include obesity? Does it cover alcoholism? Find out how the courts have defined ADA law in these and other disability-related cases here.

‘Abusive’ Workers May Be an Employer’s Liability

The inability to get along with co-workers is reason to be fired - and not rehired. Find out the latest legal rulings from a legal discrimination expert.

What’s Next in the Gay-Marriage Fight?

Marriage-equality advocates scored a huge victory when U.S. District Judge Joseph L. Tauro struck down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), ruling it "unconstitutional." But gay-rights groups are bracing for a battle if the Justice Department appeals.

Forced Institutionalization of People With Disabilities Is Illegal

The U.S. District Court in Jacksonville, Fla., found recently that a quadriplegic woman must be provided with services allowing her to stay in her home and not be institutionalized. The civil-rights ruling reinforces a landmark case that prevents isolation and stigmatization of people with disabilities.

Service Member’s Workplace Rights Challenged

Plus, when hearing loss and a bladder disorder are insufficient grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. Why have the courts ruled in favor of employers in these cases?

New Study: Class-Action Employment-Discrimination Lawsuits Are Rare

A new study finds that an overwhelming majority of workplace-discrimination suits don't get anywhere near trial. And when they do, plaintiffs mostly lose.

FMLA: What Employers Need to Know

With a heightened awareness of workplace rights, a growing number of employees who are striving to balance the demands of job and family are turning to the Family & Medical Leave Act.

Did This Law Firm Discriminate Against Black Attorneys?

Plus, what constitutes sexual harassment, what you need to know before testing applicants for drugs and more discrimination case law here.

Veteran With Disability Told: ‘Use Other Latrine’

Plus, when public-accessibility requirements come into play, when it's too late to request FMLA leave, and other recent employment-law decisions.

Is ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ Comment Sexual Stereotyping?

What happens when an employee is "perceived" as gay? When a manager suggests a staffer is old? Read the latest employment-law rulings here.

What Is a Reasonable ADA Accommodation?

Is an interactive process needed when no accommodations exist for an employee with a disability? Can employees who undergo chemotherapy qualify as having a disability? Find out how the courts ruled on these and other employment-law cases.

The Importance of Posting Notices, Updating Handbooks

When can an ex-employee legally access business information? How can you prevent liability from workers who have (or haven't) read posters and policies? Read the latest employment-law decisions here.

$1.2M Award for Lynching Reenactments at Work

Plus, precedent on the definition of national origin, rulings based on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and other discrimination-lawsuit decisions.