Legal Issues

Is Professor’s ‘Hi, Sweetie’ Comment Sexual Harassment?

Did diversity and inclusion in a corporate culture cause a reaction to this chin-chucking incident? Read this case and more in our legal update.

‘Equal-Opportunity Bullies,’ Forced Family Leave & More in Latest Legal Update

Did a Black employee create a hostile work environment for white workers? Read this and other important legal decisions.

White Employee Wins Racial-Discrimination Lawsuit

Racist emails, gender discrimination and unlawful terminations—read about these and other recent court rulings.

Lying About Disability, Covering Up Sexual Harassment & Other Legal Issues

See the new deadline for reporting the number of veteran employees in a company, the outcome of the largest ADA settlement in history, and more.

How to Fairly Hire Applicants With Criminal Records

Employers need to consider all applicants and exclude people with criminal records only when it is a legitimate disqualification. Here's how to determine what's relevant to your positions.

Protect Young Employees From Harassment

How can you ensure that teens you employ are protected against sexual harassment, abusive environments and age discrimination?

Is Going Out for Drinks Sexual Harassment?

Did members of a university's top management team carousing with "drinking buddies" lead to a $260,000 sexual-harassment settlement?

Favoritism & Personal Bias Unfair but Legal

Your supervisor might be able to lock you out of promotions legally, if you have a "poor working relationship."

Our Guide to Coverage of the Walmart Court Decision

Supreme Court decision Walmart’s 2010 Diversity and Inclusion Report (PDF) Wal-Mart Women Vow to Press Bias Fight in Courts, U.S. Agency BusinessWeek Supreme Court blocks huge class-action suit against Wal-Mart Los Angeles Times Wal-Mart Case Is a Blow for Big Cases and Their Lawyers The New York Times Justices Curb Class Actions The Wall Street …

Class-Action Employment-Discrimination Lawsuits Are Rare

A new study finds that an overwhelming majority of workplace-discrimination suits don't get anywhere near trial. And when they do, plaintiffs mostly lose.

Debunking the ‘Affirmative-Action Myth’

Who has benefited most from affirmative action? The answer will surprise you and will explain why the practice is still beneficial.

Gambling Addiction Not a Disability

Employers don't have to provide "reasonable accommodations" for employees with serious mental conditions that Congress deems "improper or immoral." Boardman Law Firm's attorney Bob Gregg explains that and more in this legal roundup.

Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Justify Death Threats

Employees who complain about sexual harassment must use their employer's complaint process and the courts to address the issue, not threaten their supervisors. Attorney Bob Gregg explains this and other sex-discrimination-related legal issues.

Are Criminal-Background Checks Discriminatory?

The EEOC may begin to crack down on the use of criminal-background checks because they are a "systemic practice" and may be unlawful. Employers should tread lightly.

Success & Failure in Two Age-Discrimination Suits

What constitutes an age-discrimination case? Read about two specific cases, one successful and one not, in this legal roundup from Boardman Law Firm's attorney Bob Gregg.

Obesity Is a Disability, Says EEOC

The EEOC now says that obesity is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, after courts had rejected obesity as a disability under the ADA. Attorney Bob Gregg explains this and other disability-related legal issues.

Supreme Court to Decide If Walmart Gender-Bias Case Is Class Action

The fate of the largest gender-bias lawsuit in the country's history — and the impact on future cases in corporate America — hinges on whether the Supreme Court will let the Walmart class action go to trial.

Racist Bathroom Graffiti & Other Legal Challenges

Racist bathroom graffiti, unwanted sexual advances and training "recommendations" comprise this month's legal update. Also, does cancer in remission constitute a disability? And why did the U.S. Senate change "retardation" to "intellectual disabilities" in all federal law?

Discrimination by Any Other Name Is Still Illegal

To please a client, one placement agency referred to Black men as "basketball players" and Black women as "chocolate cupcakes." See this and other recent discrimination court cases here.

Key Findings From the EEOC Report

The EEOC's latest report provides a snapshot of EEO activities in federal government and includes workforce profiles of agencies with 500 or more employees broken down by pay level and demographic group.

United States Federal Government buildings in Washington, D.C.

No Accountability? 21% of Federal Agencies Don’t Submit EEO Reports

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's 2009 annual report reveals a stunning lack of compliance, commitment and accountability by a number of federal agencies and agency leadership, especially when compared with the private industry.

Wal-Mart Asks Supreme Court to End Giant Gender-Discrimination Lawsuit

Wal-Mart has petitioned the Supreme Court to toss out what would be the largest class-action employment lawsuit in history over claims of gender bias.

Supervisor Slammed for ‘Terrorist’ Slur to Muslim Employee

Find out how the EEOC settled this race, national-origin and religious-discrimination case, and read how the courts ruled in other workplace-related lawsuits.

You Can Get Fired During FMLA Leave

Also, what happened to one employee who exercised her workplace rights? And what should you not be doing during leave? Read how the courts decided three FMLA cases.