Diversity Leadership

How Toyota—and John Ridgeway—Give Back

Why is this guy a legend in his community? And why has his company been so supportive?

Powerful Woman in Banking: Wells Fargo’s Lucia Gibbons

How can women make it in the banking industry's highest levels of management? Regional president Lucia DiNapoli Gibbons shares her experiences and career advice with DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti.

Restoring Trust in Public Companies Through Diversity

Luis Aguilar is one of the most influential Latino attorneys in the country and served as an executive in major U.S. companies. He talked to DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti about his commitment to diversity at the SEC and in the governance of the country's public companies.

How Working Hard and Saying ‘Yes’ Paid Off

How did Luis Aguilar go from corporate lawyer to savvy businessman to SEC commissioner? Here's his story.

The Power of Unleashing Talent

Patricia Lee has always had a passion for diversity issues because she knows "the power of unleashing talent, of removing the barriers of someone being constrained by their perceptions of difference or the reality of bias in the workplace." Read her story here.

CVS Caremark’s David Casey: Transferring Valuable Skills

After more than a decade in diversity management, David Casey was approached last year by CVS Caremark for its newly elevated position of vice president and diversity officer. By January, the father of three had made a major work/life decision: to move his family from his hometown of Indianapolis to Providence, R.I.

How Are Leaders Paving a Road for Diversity’s Legacy?

What role did a personal connection to religion and culture play in shaping RBC's Zabeen Hirji into an influential public speaker? How is Rutgers' Dr. Clement Price helping to sustain one of the nation's oldest Black History Month conferences? Read these leaders' career stories here.

DiversityInc Leadership Profiles: Zabeen Hirji, Royal Bank of Canada

Zabeen Hirji took a job at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in 1977 while she was pursuing her MBA at Simon Fraser University. And she has never left.

What Are Your Defining Moments in Diversity Leadership?

How did Derica W. Rice become one of Eli Lilly & Co.'s highest-ranking Black executives? What resulted when Ameren's Sharon Harvey Davis used successful crisis management to expand her knowledge of diversity? Read more about how these two leaders overcame the odds to advance their careers.

Building a Successful Diversity Program

Sharon Harvey Davis decided to manage diversity at St. Louis–based Ameren because of what CEO Tom Voss told her in the interview: "We don't know how to do this diversity thing, but we are committed to doing an exceptional job." Here's her story.

Driven to Succeed—Despite the Odds

How did Derica W. Rice become one of Eli Lilly & Co.'s highest ranking Black executives? Read how he overcame obstacles to advance in his career.

MasterCard’s Donna Johnson: Diversity Legacy

What role does diversity play in family discussions? Read how family activism shaped this chief diversity officer's career.

Seeing Diversity Through Employees’ Eyes (VIDEO)

How can you make each employee's voice count? Cari M. Dominguez, former chair of the EEOC and corporate director for Manpower, suggests leaders stand in employees' shoes to see things from a different point of view. Watch our interview with Dominguez for more insight on leadership and employee engagement.

Sodexo’s Employee Engagement = Gender Equity & Fighting World Hunger

Sodexo Global CEO Michel Landel's unwavering leadership commitment to equality is what led Sodexo to the top of the DiversityInc Top 50 list. Listen as he shares how gender-equity initiatives and fighting world hunger play big roles in Sodexo's approach to employee engagement.

Sodexo’s Global CEO Leverages Diversity

Sodexo Global CEO Michel Landel's unwavering leadership commitment to equality is what led Sodexo to the top of the DiversityInc Top 50 and what has helped to attract other great leaders to the company. Read more about how we can all learn from this remarkable man.

Sodexo’s Dr. Rohini Anand: Breaking Gender Barriers & Creating Change

Sodexo's Dr. Rohini Anand, senior vice president and global chief diversity officer, is well known in diversity-management circles for her leadership. Learn more about her career here - from how she paved an often-uncharted path as an Indian woman to how her volunteerism enriches her life and those around her.

How Does Diversity Propel the Auto Industry? (VIDEO)

To see how diversity affects the business strategies of the auto industry, watch our interviews with Zafar J. Brooks, director of government relations and diversity outreach for Hyundai Motor America. Brooks discusses how the changing demographics of the United States are reflected in the marketplace.

Aetna President: What’s the Real Cost of Healthcare? (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with DiversityInc, Aetna President Mark Bertolini discusses the impact of healthcare costs on the economy and long-term solutions through personal responsibility. Find out what this industry leader suggests.

Travelers’ Joelle Murchison Teaches Value of Diversity

Before joining the team at Travelers, Joelle Hayes' career was based in developing affirmative-action and diversity programs for young talent. Read how she applies her experiences to her role as the company's second vice president of diversity.