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Discrimination lawsuit: Abercrombie & Fitch CEO tells flight crew what underwear to wear

What Kind of CEO Worries About What Underwear and Cologne You Wear While the Stock Declines by Half?

Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO is in the public eye for questionable expenditures and outrageous personal demands. And all this while his company’s stock keeps falling.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney Need More Inclusive Leadership Styles

Why Obama & Romney Aren’t Connecting With Women

Women’s votes could swing the presidential election, yet both President Obama and Gov. Romney don’t get the benefits of feminine—and inclusive—leadership styles.

Diversity Management: PwC's Joanne McDonough and AT&T's Debbie Storey

Best Practices From DiversityInc Top 50: How to Be on Top of the List

This diversity web seminar reveals the proven strategies in diversity management that propelled PwC and AT&T to the top of the DiversityInc Top 50 list.

Forest City’s Chief Diversity Officer Builds Community Support

Charmaine Brown mentors aspiring Blacks and Latinos in her Cleveland community while building a diversity-management program at Forest City.

How Diversity Awareness Partnership Is Leading Diversity & Inclusion Efforts in St. Louis

What challenges does the primarily Black-and-white city of St. Louis create for diversity leaders? Read how this Asian-Indian woman is helping companies breakdown racial barriers.

How Walmart’s Chief Diversity Officer Gets Talent-Development Results

Global Chief Diversity Officer Sharon Orlopp discusses the best practices and innovative diversity training that’s motivating Walmart’s managers to become personally accountable for diversity progress.

Mitt Romney Speaks to the NAACP

NAACP: Romney Shows ‘Fundamental Misunderstanding’ of Blacks’ Needs

Does Mitt Romney really understand the needs of Black voters? The NAACP says the presidential candidate’s keynote was at odds with key Black-voter concerns.

healthcare inequities

Supreme Court Upholds Obama Healthcare Plan: Reducing Racial Inequities

The court’s decision has far-reaching impact on healthcare inequities. Here’s an analysis of this as well as comments from DiversityInc Top 50 companies.

‘How I Got MasterCard’s First Resource Group Off the Ground’

A marketing background helped this diversity leader generate buy-in for diversity management.

How a Global Giant Builds Employee Cultural Competence

A cultural disconnect with Brazilian colleagues showed this leader how diversity affects business potential.

CEOs Jim Turley and Randall Stevenson

Real Diversity Leadership: CEOs of E&Y, AT&T on Boy Scout Gay Ban

Diversity leadership is displayed by two CEOs supporting diversity in response to the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay leaders. Both are on the scouts’ executive board.

Rhonda Nesmith Crichlow

Diversity Management: Novartis Diversity Leader Understands Value of Giving Back

As the first person in her family to finish college—as well as law school—Rhonda Crichlow has a strong desire to give back to others who need opportunities.

Why This Attorney Makes Global Human Rights His Personal Challenge

Diversity and inclusion isn’t limited to company walls or country boundaries. Raymond M. Brown explains how fighting human-rights violations offers a lesson in global corporate values.

Diversity Management at Kaiser Permanente: This Female Muslim Entrepreneur Brings Sensitivity to Suppliers

Diversity management in supplier diversity at Kaiser Permanente benefits from Dr. Sally Saba’s unique perspective of the world—she grew up in Egypt and successfully ran a small business in the United States.

Diversity Leader Karyn Twaronite, Ernst & Young

Diversity Management & Relationships: Currency for Your Career?

Diversity management provided Ernst & Young’s Karyn Twaronite a unique opportunity managing people that she couldn’t pass up.

President Obama Supports Marriage Equality

Showing real diversity leadership, President Obama today announced his support for same-sex marriage.

How Talent Development Helped This Woman Became CEO of a Major Bank

Talent development helped KeyCorp’s first woman CEO move up. Here’s her 3 big tips on what to do.

Talent Development: From Migrant Workers’ Son to CEO

Talent development helped Forest T. Harper leave his humble beginnings to become a corporate leader of INROADS. Now he’s paving the way for other aspiring low-income students.