Global Diversity

How to Develop a Global Supplier Diversity Initiative

VIDEO: How to Develop a Global Supplier Diversity Initiative

Can supplier diversity work outside of the United States? Yes, provided it is implemented with local cultural competence in mind, says Elizabeth Vasquez, President and CEO, WEConnect International, at DiversityInc's October event.

Karyn Twaronite, Dottie Brienza

Web Seminar: DiversityInc Top 50 Best Practices from Merck, EY

“The power of diversity is real,” say two leaders of companies on the DiversityInc Top 50, who share their best practices on how to harness that power into supporting effective diversity management.

Barbara Frankel, DiversityInc

What Does Engagement Mean Globally?

Employees who feel they can “bring their whole selves to work” and are spending their days in inclusive environments are more engaged and, therefore, more innovative and productive. The question for multinational corporations increasingly is: How can we make that happen in all our global locations? It’s not an easy question, as the third year …


Global Diversity Research Executive Summary: 203 Data Submissions in 46 Countries

For the first time, DiversityInc has correlated global D&I best practices to measurable human-capital results. How does your company stack up?

Daniel Ayala, Wells Fargo: Diversity & Global Cultural Competence

Wells Fargo: Cultural Competence Builds Global Remittance Business

How has cultural competence enabled Wells Fargo to help customers succeed financially? The company's Head of Global Remittance Services explains their business advantage.

Tired of Diversity?

Ask the White Guy: Why Do People Get Tired of Diversity?

Are you concerned about "diversity fatigue"? Connect the dots between reputation and talent development, philanthropy and supplier diversity.

6 Best Practices on Global Talent Development

6 Best Practices on Global Talent Development

Four leading companies reveal how global assignments enhance talent development.

From Civil Rights to Global Human Rights

Here’s how attorney Raymond M. Brown makes global human rights a personal challenge.

Global Diversity Report

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult?

What are the prime challenges facing global businesses today that hinder inclusion efforts? What best practices are being implemented globally, and what can you learn from other companies? See what our exclusive research in 17 countries finds.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

What Clinton’s Global LGBT-Rights Speech Means for Your Company

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s support of LGBT rights in every country opens the door for companies to be more openly inclusive. How is this likely to unfold, and what can your company do now?

3 Women Nobel Peace Laureates Herald Global Change

Three Women Nobel Peace Laureates Herald Global Change. Around the world, the decision to give the award to these three women was heralded.

Engaging Employees Through Educating African and Middle Eastern Women

How does a company benefit from developing women-owned enterprises in parts of the world where it doesn't do business?

Finding Talent Is No. 1 Global Issue, CEOs Say

CEOs say the key to remedying pipeline gaps is tapping underutilized pools of talent.

AT&T: Two Inspiring Women, Creating Sustainable Change

Two women from very different backgrounds are leading AT&T's remarkable efforts to literally change the world. Read their stories here.

Global Diversity: What Skills Do You Need to Know?

Essential to global diversity and inclusion is first understanding the local culture and cultivating etiquette. How else can you develop cultural competence in today's global marketplace?