2017 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement Event

Diversity Recruitment

How Philanthropy Benefits Your Company

There's a real correlation between engaged employees, loyal customers and helping nonprofits.

Marine Corps Leader Praises Service of Black Troops

The Marine Corps is committed to honoring its Black servicemen and increasing the ranks of Black officers.

As Wealth Gap Between Whites, Blacks & Latinos Grows, What Can Your Company Do?

The median wealth of whites is 20 times that of Blacks and 18 times that of Latinos. What are the reasons-and, more importantly, what can be done?

How Effective Talent Development Increases Diversity in Management

Why does diversity in the workplace disappear at higher levels in your company? Ineffective, or absent, talent-development strategies are a likely problem. Chief diversity officers offer solutions for the training and promotion gap.

How to Get More Blacks and Latinos in Accounting

Ernst & Young's Discover Tax program aims to bring more Blacks, Latinos and American Indians into the tax profession. How are they doing it?

Cast Your Vote and Help GLSEN Win $250,000

Participating in the month-long Pepsi Refresh competition, GLSEN has a chance to win a quarter-million-dollar grant toward its Safe Space Campaign. But GLSEN needs your help to win.

Rutgers Students Excel in Sciences With ODASIS

The ODASIS program provides educational support to Black, Latino and economically disadvantaged students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Melinda Gates Leaves Post Board After Report Criticizes Kaplan

Melinda Gates' resignation from the Washington Post board comes shortly after the release of a highly critical report, funded partly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that likens for-profit colleges to subprime-mortgage lenders, targeting low-income and traditionally underrepresented students.

Study: Women Still Not Getting to the Top Levels

A recent review of S&P 100 companies shows that women account for only 1 in 10 top paid executives and 1 in 5 board members.

PhD Project: Getting Diversity to the Next Academic Level

See how The PhD Project, which has tripled the number of Black, Latino and American Indian professors in business schools, is now expanding diversity even further up the ladder.

Are Your Hiring Practices a Liability Risk?

From where to post job ads to what not to ask during interviews, this roundup of pre-employment practices can help your company avoid litigation.

How to Achieve Recruiting Compliance

Recruiting compliance: How can you protect your company from hiring discrimination? Consider these tips from DiversityInc.

Give Candid Feedback to All Employees (VIDEO)

Watch Deloitte's Chief Diversity Officer John Zamora tell how honest performance input helped him learn from mistakes and succeed.

Where Are Today’s STEM Students?

Look no further than Rutgers University, where one professor has dedicated his life to helping Black, Latino and other traditionally underrepresented undergrads pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

How to Be a Magnet to Top Talent (VIDEO)

Attracting employees with different perspectives has helped the corporate giant thrive, says IBM's Vice President of Diversity and Workforce Programs Ron Glover. What else did Glover say at DiversityInc's chief diversity officers roundtable?

Rutgers: Helping Kids Find Their Callings

Rutgers University's Nontraditional Career Resource Center empowers students by challenging career stereotypes and encouraging social action. Read how this program is effecting change in young people.

Diversity Equals Innovation, Says DiversityInc CEO

Does diversity in a student body increase the quality and value of the education? Rutgers University - Newark Chancellor Steve Diner has done the research and is convinced of it.

More Black Men Lawyers, But Racial Gap Remains

Recent studies show that Black men are starting to close the gender gap in Black law-school enrollment. But Blacks in general are still underrepresented in the legal profession.