Diversity Metrics

Can you monetize diversity and inclsuion efforts?

Monetizing Diversity Efforts: How Inclusion Can Be Quantified

Understanding the cost of bad diversity management.

Ask the White Guy Diversity of Thought, Innovation

Ask the White Guy: Can You Measure Diversity of Thought and Innovation?

Tracking these diversity metrics can improve your company’s marketplace performance.

Do Diversity Metrics Hold the Key to Diversity-Management Success?

Diversity metrics can improve diversity-management results, but you’ll still need this other factor to really see workforce-diversity gains.

Four Stages of Diversity Management

Diversity metrics are a key component for determining the four stages of diversity management. What stage is your company in?

Diversity Web Seminar on Talent Development: How Diversity Metrics Help Improve Diversity at the Top

Do diversity metrics show that the top of your organization is all white and all male? Here are proven best practices for improving diversity metrics so you can have a more diverse executive pipeline.

Diversity Web Seminar on Diversity Metrics: Which Diversity Metrics Are Most Valuable?

Which diversity metrics are most valuable—and how does accountability factor in? Find out in our diversity web seminar, featuring diversity experts from KPMG and Kraft Foods.