Diversity Management

Observations on the End of DADT

The latest civil-rights victory—the end of DADT—and the impact of loyal, trustworthy leadership.

Proof That Diversity Drives Innovation

Do diverse teams solve more problems creatively than homogeneous teams?

Diversity Drives Cleveland’s Economic Development, Recovery

Find out how a collaborative network of committed diversity-and-inclusion leaders is fueling this Northeast Ohio region's turnaround and driving Cleveland's economic development.

What’s the Key to Success in Diversity Management?

What's the one factor that determines whether your company's diversity efforts will succeed or fail?

Gay Marriage in N.Y.: How Everyone Benefits

How does New York's new law allowing same-sex marriage impact your company?

Our Guide to Coverage of the New York Same-Sex Marriage Law

Our Coverage of New York's New Law Allowing Same-Sex Marriage: New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage, Becoming Largest State to Pass Law

Ask the White Guy: Decision Making, Clarity of Values & What to Do When It Goes Horribly Wrong

Are you violating your values? If you are, you can't hide from the repercussions.

When Should Your Company Take a Stand Against LGBT Bias?

In the face of a groundswell of proposed state laws discriminating against LGBT people, what should inclusive companies do?

KPMG, AT&T Stand Up to Anti-LGBT Bill in Tennessee

Why are some major corporations speaking up against a bill their own chamber supported that ends anti-bias protections? And which companies are remaining silent?

How Effective Talent Development Increases Diversity in Management

Why does diversity in the workplace disappear at higher levels in your company? Ineffective, or absent, talent-development strategies are a likely problem. Chief diversity officers offer solutions for the training and promotion gap.

PwC Chairman Bob Moritz Makes Diversity Personal

Bob Moritz shares a personal story of being "a minority" and advice for taking advantage of rich pools of talents from multiple countries.

The Four Stages of Diversity Management

Diversity management has four stages. What stage of managing diversity in the workplace is your company in?

WellPoint’s Chief Procurement Officer Anthony Santiago: Setting the Bar High

Anthony Santiago, who joined WellPoint in 2008 as vice president and chief procurement officer, has big plans for the company's supplier diversity.

3 Case Studies: Why Companies Decline on the DiversityInc Top 50

Why do certain companies, well known as diversity leaders, fall in their rankings on The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list? To show you what NOT to do, we offer three case studies of companies we've studied for more than a decade.

Invest in Your Future: The Business Case for Supporting GLSEN

In fall 2010, a series of youth suicides seized the attention of the nation. Media reports fostered a sense of crisis and brought a new level of public attention to the issue of school bullying of LGBT students. GLSEN's efforts to create safe schools continued with renewed focus on research about the impact of bullying, public-policy advocacy and school-based programs to create safer learning environments.

The U.S. Navy Must Diversify Its Ranks to Stay Relevant

Diversity of people and ideas is critical to mission accomplishment for the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral Anthony L. Winns, Naval Inspector General, told DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti in an interview.

Roadmap for Hospitals: Culturally Competent Patient Care

The Joint Commission, an independent nonprofit organization that evaluates and accredits hospitals, has announced new standards designed to improve access to healthcare that is both respectful of and responsive to an increasingly diverse patient population.

The Culture of Bullying: Loss of Civility at School, Work, Politics

Bullying is not a teenage or childhood affliction. According to a poll released in June by Weber Shandwick, 65 percent of Americans say lack of civility is a major problem in the country and feel the negative tenor has worsened during the financial crisis and recession. As Election Day approaches, experts and polls find it is even more dramatic.

Who Profits From the Prison Boom?

For decades, private-prison companies have been active members of a powerful lobby responsible for numerous laws that have put millions of people behind bars. In large part because of these laws, the country's prison population has ballooned from 500,000 in 1980 to 2.3 million in 2009, greater than that of any other nation in the world.

America: Incarceration Nation

In raw numbers, the American prison population is so large it's almost hard to grasp. Today the United States imprisons about 2.3 million people in every 100 adults. Read more on America's swelling prison industrial complex here.

The Prison Industrial Complex: Biased, Predatory and Growing

DiversityInc examines the rapid growth of privately run prison operators and the next dark chapter in the ever-expanding prison industrial complex: immigrant detention. What are the racial implications? Why has anti-immigration sentiment helped private prisons make a fortune?

Prisons: Presidential Pressure

For about 50 years before 1972, the rate of imprisonment in the United States was steady. But in the 1960s, rising crime rates, urban riots and social tensions triggered tough-on-crime policies that would alter the size and racial composition of the prison system. Here are major players in this movement and the role they played …

Prisons: Connecting the Dots

An example of how CCA promotes its agenda and parlays its political connections can be seen in states such as Arizona, which recently passed the nation’s toughest immigration-enforcement law. In January, the same month Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce introduced SB1070, CCA hired HighGround, a powerful lobbying firm in Phoenix, according to lobby disclosure forms …

Prisons: The Industry Leaders

Prisons: The Industry Leaders Corrections Corporation of America Headquarters Nashville, Tenn. No. of facilities: 65 in 19 states, including the District of Columbia No. of prison beds: 86,916 No. of employees: 17,425 2009 revenue $1.68 billion   GEO Group Headquarters Boca Raton, Fla. No. of facilities: 62 in the U.S., Australia, South Africa and the …