Diversity Events

Why We Still Need Affirmative Action

A panel of civil-rights experts and lawyers, led by DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti, told an audience of CEOs and senior executives that anti-affirmative-action activist Ward Connerly fails to recognize the damaging extent of past racism or that contemporary institutionalized racism is pervasive and powerful. They spoke after Connerly addressed the audience.

Ward Connerly’s Comments at the DiversityInc Conference

Are we ready for a so-called "colorblind society"? Anti-affirmative-action activist Ward Connerly wants to ban the use of race- and gender-based affirmative action in college admissions and hiring. DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti leads a panel of civil-rights experts and lawyers refuting him at our March event.

PwC Chairman Bob Moritz Makes Diversity Personal

Bob Moritz shares a personal story of being "a minority" and advice for taking advantage of rich pools of talents from multiple countries.

Speak Effectively to Diversity in Your Own Voice (VIDEO)

A company's senior leaders set the tone for principles of equity, fairness and inclusion, and their commitment must be visible and personal, said John M. Robinson, chief diversity officer at the U.S. Department of State.

The 21st-Century Workforce: China, India and Implications for the U.S.

At DiversityInc's two-day learning event, Dr. David Finegold, dean of Rutgers University's School of Management and Labor Relations, highlights the power shift in favor of China and India that is driving the new global high-skill, low-wage workforce.

The Valued Employees You’re Missing: People With Disabilities

John Kemp, executive director of the US Business Leadership Network, urged DiversityInc's high-level audience at our learning event in Washington, D.C., to recognize the value in employees with disabilities.

DiversityInc Talks With Singer Chely Wright About Her Decision to Come Out

During DiversityInc's learning event on Nov. 8, DiversityInc's Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Barbara Frankel talked with Chely Wright about how life has changed for the country-music star since she came out as a lesbian in May.

DiversityInc Event Videos: David Casey, CVS Caremark

DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: David Casey on How Culture Engages Employees DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: David Casey on Military Resource Groups DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: David Casey on the Pillars of Diversity

DiversityInc Event Videos: Kathy Hannan, KPMG

DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Kathy Hannan – Leaders’ Commitment to Mentoring DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Kathy Hannan on Formal Mentoring

DiversityInc Event Videos: Dr. Claude Steele

DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Dr. Claude Steele on Defining the Stereotype Threat DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Dr. Claude Steele on Students’ Underperformance DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Dr. Claude Steele on Diversity Management

DiversityInc Event Videos: Dr. Sylvia Ann Hewlett

DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Dr. Sylvia Ann Hewlett on Bias and Stereotypes in Leadership DiversityInc’s March 2010 Event: Dr. Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the Women’s Movement & Affirmative Action

Diversity Event: How to Improve Diversity in the Classroom & Workplace

AT&T’s CEO speaks at our diversity event. His viewpoints on diversity in education, the importance of accountability and developing/promoting strong women executives.

Diversity Events: Resource Groups 101 Video Presentation

Listen as David Casey, vice president and diversity officer at CVS Caremark, explains to a DiversityInc event audience how to make a case for employee-resource groups and gives a step-by-step guide to setting up your groups—including charters, employee engagement and veterans' groups.

Diversity Branding: Build Credibility, Close the Deal

IBM's Director of Workforce Communications Jim Sinocchi shared critical corporate-branding advice at DiversityInc's event: how to get the word out about your organization's diversity commitment, build credibility, and make your message resonate. "I can't tell you how many deals were closed when we started to talk about diversity," he said.

Mentoring Do’s and Don’ts (VIDEO)

In her new role as national managing partner for diversity and corporate social responsibility at KPMG, Kathy Hopinkah Hannan discusses the value of mentoring and how organizations can set up successful mentoring programs of their own.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Takes On National Tragedy

AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson sat down with Luke Visconti, CEO of DiversityInc, at our March event. Watch our new videos where he talks about his personal connection to diversity and what AT&T is doing to combat one of the nation's greatest long-term challenges—the high-school dropout crisis.

War Crimes & Oppression: Doing Business Where Human Rights Are the Issue (VIDEO)

At DiversityInc's global learning event, attorney Raymond Brown's thought-provoking talk on war crimes, inhumane policies and justice in developing nations struck an emotional chord with attendees. What are the impacts of doing business abroad? What must global corporate leaders do to maintain their values?

The Stereotype Threat to Workplace Diversity: Dr. Claude Steele Mesmerizes Audience

Dr. Claude Steele, a recognized leader in the field of social psychology, tells how negative stereotypes hinder workplace diversity, perpetuate the achievement gap between Blacks/whites and limit talent potential.