2017 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement Event

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Stephen Holmes, Wyndham Worldwide

Video: The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

Wyndham Worldwide Chairman and CEO Stephen P. Holmes explains why his company understood the value of corporate social responsibility.

David Casey, CVS Health

Video: How to Start a Resource Group

How do you get funding and support for resource groups? Which groups should you start with? What type of charter/structure works best?

Kim Strong, Target

Video: Insight Into Mentoring and Sponsorship Relationships

How have their relationships evolved? What have been the greatest benefits? Hear personal experiences and success stories from sponsors/people being sponsored and mentors/mentees.

Jodi Davidson, Sodexo

Video: How to Start a Cross-Cultural Mentoring Program

What’s the business case for starting a mentoring program? How do you get widespread usage? How involved should senior executives be? How do you measure success?

Diane Evans, Wells Fargo

Video: Developing a Diverse Pipeline

How do you determine which people from underrepresented groups should be fast-tracked? How do you give them the tools to stay and succeed?

Ingrid Devin, Dell

Video: How to Implement Global Resource Groups

Can you translate your U.S. groups to other countries? Which ones work well? How can they communicate with each other? What metrics should be used to assess their success?

ADP's CEO Carlos Rodriguez

Video: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

ADP President and CEO Carlos Rodriguez discusses how ADP uses diverse teams to improve customer relationships.

Patrick Esser, Cox Communications

Video: Values-Based Leadership

Cox Communications President Pat Esser offers four tips to get your CEO to be a diversity leader.

Michele C. Green, Prudential Financial

Video: The Difference Between Mentoring and Sponsorship

Do you need both a mentoring and a sponsorship program? How do you get sponsors to work with people from underrepresented groups? Can sponsorship be formalized?

Mark King, Kellogg Company

Video: Retaining Top Talent

How do you keep women and others from underrepresented groups from leaving before they get to the top? How important is having a flexible workplace and an inclusive culture?

Dr. Ronald Copeland, Kaiser Permanente

Video: Making Room at the Top

How do you move people from underrepresented groups into the highest level? What happens if no one at the top is leaving?

Photo Gallery: 2013 Talent Development Event

A collection of photos from DiversityInc's 2013 Talent Development Event.

Photo Gallery: 2013 Special Awards Dinner

DiversityInc’s 2013 Talent Development Event & Special Awards Dinner was held on October 16, 2013 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City’s Times Square. Special awards included the Top Companies for Talent Development, Supplier Diversity, Community Philanthropy, Mentoring, Employee Engagement, Global Cultural Competence and Diversity-Management Progress.

The 2013 DiversityInc Special Awards

Video: 2013 DiversityInc Special Awards Dinner

On Oct. 16 in New York City, DiversityInc honored seven companies for unique achievements that go beyond the scope of normal diversity-management best practices.

Dr. Ronald Copeland, Kaiser Permanente

Videos: 2013 Healthcare Event Presentations

FREE previews of all presentations from DiversityInc's September 2013 event, "Culturally Competent Healthcare: How Diversity Creates Better Patient Outcomes."

Mark Fowler, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

Video: Culturally Competent Patient Care—Religion

More than 40 percent of patients make medical decisions based on religious beliefs but only 9 percent of physicians ask patients about their religious needs. How can hospitals eliminate this gap?

Dr. Glenn Croxton, Henry Ford Health System

Video: How Hospitals Develop Supplier-Diversity Initiatives

How are hospitals growing supplier-diversity efforts to mirror the increasing diversity of their patient base and using these efforts to strengthen community ties?

Anita Allemand, CVS Caremark

Video: Improving Patient Medication Adherence—The Role of the Retail Pharmacy and Retail Clinics

Learn how cultural competence among pharmacists can impact patient adherence to medication and treatment.