Diversity & Inclusion

Racial Demographics Map of the United States

Diversity & Inclusion Milestone: More Than Half of U.S. Babies Are Black, Latino & Asian

Diversity and inclusion will benefit from the latest Census Bureau report on the race/ethnicity of babies. What will the future workforce look like, and how can your company ensure an inclusive environment?

Diversity & Inclusion Includes Gays & Lesbians: Is Black Church Getting the Message?

Diversity and inclusion cannot exclude anyone—especially LGBT people. Some prominent members of the Black church, led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, are pushing for equality, but others still don’t get it.

Diversity & Inclusion Means Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Diversity and inclusion can’t succeed in workplaces that allow bullying at any level. What can you do to prevent and stop bullying in your company and in schools, where it begins?

Is Hiring Only Gay Men Unfair?

Workplace Diversity: Is Hiring Only Gay Men Unfair?

Workplace diversity challenged by reverse discrimination? A shipping company lost a $1-million verdict after a manager only wanted to hire gay men. What can you learn?

Are Political Donations That Conflict With Your Diversity Policy a Shareholder Issue?

What repercussions could your company face if your contributions don’t align with values related to diversity and inclusion?


Is ‘The Bachelor’ Racist? ABC Sued for Discrimination

A lawsuit claims that the reality show intentionally excluded Blacks from auditioning for the lead role. Could Lamar Hurd be the first Black “Bachelor”?

Hunger Games Poster Group

Why All the Racist Comments on Black Actors in ‘The Hunger Games’?

Some social-media users are buzzing that “The Hunger Games” has too many Black actors, and many of the comments are downright racist. Should consumer-facing companies, like producer Lions Gate, try to reflect the nation’s demographics?

How ‘Slut’ and ‘Sweetie’ Challenge Gender Equity

Current events and research confirm the need for Women's History awareness and continued efforts for women's rights.

Rush Limbaugh

Is This the End of Rush Limbaugh? Advertisers Flee Show

Rush Limbaugh learns the hard way after his “slut” comment that in today’s social-media world, negative reactions are swift.

Jeremy Lin & Racism: 3 Ways to Stop Dangerous Stereotypes

Asian basketball star Jeremy Lin has become the subject of jokes and racist comments. What can you do to prevent stereotyping in your organization?

Report Documents Lack of Diversity in the Federal Reserve Banks

A new report examines the lack of racial diversity in senior management and the scarcity of Latinos throughout the Federal Reserve System.

Diversity Web Seminar on Work/Life: How Workplace Diversity Benefits From Flexible Work Options

Should workplace diversity include flexible work options? Diversity experts from Deloitte and Eli Lilly reveal in this web seminar how work/life programs can help your company build a more productive and loyal workforce.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Discover America’s Black History

For many, discovering Black history becomes a personal journey toward understanding one’s self and society—and this experience can occur in hundreds of museums across the nation.

Claude Steele

‘Blacks Should Not Be Satisfied With Food Stamps’: The Danger of Stereotypes

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are the latest politicians to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Blacks. Dr. Claude Steele, educator and expert on stereotypes, gives advice on the dangers of these kinds of misstatements, their impact on the workplace and how to handle them.

Former NBA Player John Amaechi Speaks at DiversityInc 2011 Special Awards

NBA Star John Amaechi on Diversity & Inclusion: Hate Speech Goes Beyond N- and F-Words

Former NBA star John Amaechi says the antidote to stereotypes and slurs rests in mindfully chosen words.

What Dr. King Really Meant: The Obligation That Benefits Everyone

Why is the business case for diversity a reality and not just a theory? It is directly due to Dr. King and the civil-rights era, explains DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti.

Is Professor’s ‘Hi, Sweetie’ Comment Sexual Harassment?

Did diversity and inclusion in a corporate culture cause a reaction to this chin-chucking incident? Read this case and more in our legal update.

How Ameren CEO Tom Voss Improves Workplace Diversity

Diversity and inclusion shaped this CEO’s worldview. Here’s how he turned action into innovation at Ameren.

Taking Risks for Your Brothers: The Power of Dr. King’s Words

Human-rights activist Raymond Brown learned about the need for humanity from Dr. King.

Dr. Eliza Byard

Civil-Rights Progress: Helping LGBT Youth

GLSEN’s Executive Director Dr. Eliza Byard notes how Dr. King’s message that Black people would eventually reach the promised land is a reminder today that progress, no matter how slow, is crucial.

How Has Dr. King’s Legacy Changed Lives?

While Hurricane Irene hit during the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial dedication, R. Fenimore Fisher reflected on how Dr. King’s actions changed the law that changed society.

Frank Ross, CPA

How to Increase the Number of Black CPAs

Blacks are less than 5 percent of new hires in CPA firms and even fewer current employees. How do accounting firms succeed at attracting more Blacks, helping them become CPAs and enabling them to become leaders?


Was ‘Good Riddance, B—-!’ Sexual Harassment?

Diversity and inclusion: Was an inclusive corporate culture threatened when a male coworker shouted this to a female financial adviser who had just resigned?

Dr. Eliza Byard

Safe LGBT Spaces: What Schools Can Learn From Resource Groups

Diversity and inclusion can transform workplace experiences. GLSEN’s Dr. Eliza Byard shows how resource groups, like gay-straight alliances, can help.