Diversity & Inclusion

Affirmative Action: What If the Supreme Court Ends It?

Will the Supreme Court’s verdict on Fisher v. University of Texas undo the last 10 years of diversity progress in higher education?

Romney and Obama Neglect Latino Concerns

Are Obama & Romney Ignoring Latinos?

Does traditionally low voter turnout explain why Obama and Romney are neglecting Latinos’ top concerns?

Dr. Drew Hertz, University Hospitals

Improving Healthcare for 68,000 Black & Latino Children

A $12.8-million grant is helping University Hospitals reduce racial disparities and offer 24/7 access to healthcare.

Disparities in Healthcare

What Disease Hits Black Men Most?

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation documents which illnesses and health factors are affecting Black men more than other groups.


Chick-fil-A Caves on Funding Anti-Gay Groups but Is It Enough?

What’s that noise of grinding gears? Chick-fil-A reversed its anti-gay agenda. What will happen as the company presents a two-faced approach to consumers?

Romney 47 Percent

Romney’s ‘47%’: Racism or ‘Insensitive’ Rhetoric From ‘Out-of-Touch Man’?

Luke Visconti’s column on Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remark sparked a heated debate among our readers

ATWG Romney: 47 percent

Ask the White Guy: Why Gov. Romney’s ‘47%’ Comment Probably Isn’t Racist

DiversityInc’s CEO is asked an interesting question about Gov. Mitt Romney and former President Ronald Reagan.

Managers’ Racist Bullying Ends in Hospital Paying $1M Lawsuit

A court rules in favor of 70 Filipino caregivers who were ruthlessly harassed for not “speaking English.” Watch the video.

Zoe Saldana: Too Light-Skinned to Play Nina Simone?

Light-skinned actress Zoe Saldana has been cast as Nina Simone and there are people who are offended about this choice.

In the Twin Cities, Diversity & Economic Growth Go Hand in Hand

Wells Fargo and Faegre Baker Daniels' significant investments in community outreach help drive the region's thriving job market and diversity.

Romney Brings Marriage Inequality to Breakfast

Mitt Romney told a gay Vietnam war veteran that he wants to repeal the same-sex-marriage law in New Hampshire.

American Airlines Employees Humiliate Family of Boy With Down Syndrome

A teenager with Down syndrome is singled out as a flight risk for smiling and playing with a baseball cap. Watch the action on video.

What Is Possible for People With Disabilities?

To overcome basic misconceptions, a professional with a disability must be fully integrated into the workplace, not isolated.

Condoleezza Rice Joins Augusta National

Augusta National Found Only 2 Qualified Women Out of 3.3 Billion on the Planet?

Adding Condoleezza Rice to its men-only roster does little to reverse the golf club’s history of sex discrimination.

Where’s the Pipeline of LGBT Talent? Why We Need to Support Gay Youth

How do you help LGBT students overcome bullying?

Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Huma Abedin

Secretary Clinton, Senator McCain Condemn Anti-Muslim Attack on Abedin

Five GOP congressmen sent a letter attacking State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, falsely claiming that the Muslim American had ties to extremists. How do biased accusations harm workplace productivity?

Racist Obama Facebook Pages & Your Office: What Do You Need to Know?

An overview of overt racism being used in this election, how it can affect productivity and what you need to do.

Juan Granados and Will Trinkle File Discrimination Lawsuit

Virginia Swim Club Backs Down After Gay Couple Sues

Does the more LGBT-friendly “household membership” option at a Virginia swim club mean a discrimination lawsuit will be dropped? Or is it just “separate but equal”?

healthcare inequities

Supreme Court Upholds Obama Healthcare Plan: Reducing Racial Inequities

The court’s decision has far-reaching impact on healthcare inequities. Here’s an analysis of this as well as comments from DiversityInc Top 50 companies.

Asian American, Pew Research

Asian-Americans Are Fastest-Growing Racial Group

How can your company attract talent from this group of highly educated immigrants?


Ruling Against Defense of Marriage Act Is Major Diversity Victory

The federal court decision striking down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a major civil-rights victory for advocates supporting diversity and inclusion. With President Obama and more leaders of the Black community on board, marriage equality is gaining momentum rapidly.

Why This Attorney Makes Global Human Rights His Personal Challenge

Diversity and inclusion isn’t limited to company walls or country boundaries. Raymond M. Brown explains how fighting human-rights violations offers a lesson in global corporate values.

Do Diversity Metrics Hold the Key to Diversity-Management Success?

Diversity metrics can improve diversity-management results, but you’ll still need this other factor to really see workforce-diversity gains.

Work/Life Legal Issues

Workplace Diversity: 5 Legal Challenges of Work/Life Programs

Workplace diversity includes work/life, but can offering employees flexibility and other benefits get you in trouble? Here are the pitfalls to avoid.