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Obama Signs New Military Sexual Violence Provisions Into Law

This landmark bill marks the largest number of sexual violence provisions ever signed into law.

John Kerry

[Slideshow] Obama’s New National Security Team—Better Put on Your Sunglasses

Will Obama’s inner circle remain overwhelmingly white and male during his second term?

How Does Your Company Stay Culturally Competent During the Holidays?

Holidays at Work: Culturally Competent or Offensive? What You SHOULD Know

Is your company culturally competent during the holidays? Ensure employees’ festivities don’t lead to discrimination lawsuits.

Ask the White Guy: Will Gay Marriage Negatively Impact Our Society?

Ask the White Guy: Will Same-Gender Marriage Negatively Impact Our Society?

A reader wonders why the Supreme Court appears likely to approve something ‘un-natural.’

Merck Condemns Boy Scout Gay Ban, Halts Funding

Merck Condemns Boy Scout Gay Ban, Halts Funding

Merck & Co. has stopped donations to the Boy Scouts because of the organization’s ban on gay scout leaders and members.

Will Prop 8, DOMA Be Struck Down in 2013?

Supreme Court to Hear Prop 8, DOMA Cases

The Supreme Court will determine the scope of same-gender marriage in groundbreaking cases it will hear next year.

GOP Senate Deal

N.Y. Republicans to Blacks, Latinos & Asians: Drop Dead

Will a backroom GOP deal eliminate diversity in New York’s Senate and stonewall Black and Latino lawmakers?

Will Macy's Fire Donald Trump for His Racist, Sexist Comments?

Macy’s Brand Loyalty Falls Sharply After Trump’s Gaffes

Macy’s brand loyalty index takes a 45 percent nosedive as retailer refuses to @DumpDTrump.

What will the Supreme Court rule? Will Discrimination Cases Increase?

New ‘Supervisor’ Definitions Could Increase Discrimination Lawsuits

The Supreme Court’s decision could reduce employer liability, but it also may increase racial-discrimination and sexual-harassment cases.

Pat Buchanan says 'White America' is dead

Ask the White Guy: Did White America Die With This Election?

A reader is angered over a conservative commentator Pat Buchanan's opinion and asks for DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti's take on white America and this election.

Equity in healthcare is a major contributor in breast-cancer prognoses of Black women

Black Women Have 41% Higher Risk of Dying of Breast Cancer

Black women are dying of breast cancer at a much more aggressive rate than white women. What can be done about it?

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is reducing workers' hours and raising the cost of pizza

Papa John’s CEO: ‘In a Bunch of Trouble’ for Obamacare Job Cuts

In the latest development, John Schnatter's not budging on his decision to cut employees' hours and raise pizza prices—while passing blame to Obamacare—despite a growing boycott of Papa John’s.

Federal appeals court strikes down Michigan ban on affirmative action.

Affirmative Action Not Dead Yet: Appeals Court Strikes Down Michigan Ban

A federal appeals court reinstated the use of affirmative action in college admissions. Will this influence the major Supreme Court case scheduled for next year?


Cleveland’s Economic Development: Investment in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Dividends

Diversity management is paying dividends in Cleveland's economic development, where the Greater Cleveland Partnership and regional companies including hospitals, colleges and utilities invested in underserved communities.

Victoria's Secret Offends Customers With Native American-Styled Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret’s Racist Underwear ‘Spits on American Indian Culture’

Does the company’s apology make up for its offense—or does its history of stereotypes make its sincerity questionable?

Rachel Maddow, an out lesbian, was called an “angry young man" by Fox 19 anchor Tricia Macke.

Fox Anchor In Trouble After Calling Rachel Maddow ‘Angry Young Man’

Can you get in trouble for making racist, sexist or homophobic comments on Facebook or Twitter? A local Fox news anchor is finding out.

Obama Shakes Hands With Women in the Crowd

Diversity Wins: Demographic, Psychographic Shifts Decided Election

Youth and diversity trumped baby boomers and heterogeneous voting blocks.

Purposely Inaccurate Billboards Terrorize Poor Blacks & Latinos

This swing state’s politicians have a new way to suppress voter rights.

Ask the White Guy: Racism and Affirmative Action—Why White Victims Are the Key to the Solution

DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti thinks affirmative action is going to be killed by the Supreme Court—and explains why white people as victims are central to finding a solution.

‘God Intended’ Pregnancy After Rape, Says Romney’s Candidate

What should you do when one of your leaders makes a controversial statement? Mitt Romney faces that question after a candidate he is very publicly supporting said “God intended” pregnancy after rape.

Is Voter Fraud a Myth? Here's What Racist Voter ID Laws Are Really About

The Voter-Fraud Myth: What Racist Voter ID Laws Are Really About

Our coverage of controversial voter ID laws touched a nerve in many of our readers. Here’s what you had to say.

Is Jim Crow Back? Racist Voter Laws Exclude 5 Million Blacks, Latinos From Polls

Voting-rights expert reveals how you can fight discrimination at the polls.

LGBT-Rights Win: N.Y. Court Rejects DOMA

DOMA Rejected by Federal Court in N.Y.

A New York federal appeals court has rejected the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The Supreme Court will have the final say on this later this term.

Malala Yousafzai

Taliban-Fighting Girl’s Life on the Line

Fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban for women’s-education rights activism.