Diversity & Inclusion

Bloomberg Businessweek cover

Racist Bloomberg Businessweek Cover of Blacks, Latinos Rolling in Money Angers Many

What were the mostly white senior leaders of Bloomberg Businessweek thinking when they published a cover with gross caricatures of Blacks, Latinos for a story on the housing market?

Diversity & Inclusion News: Obama Stands Up for Gay Marriage

Obama to Court: Overturn Prop 8, Gays & Lesbians Deserve Right to Marry

Obama’s friend-of-the-court brief makes him the first president to urge the Supreme Court to expand same-gender marriage rights.

Senator Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao

Liberal Group Under Fire for Anti-Asian Racist Tweet

A liberal group in Kentucky went over the line with racist tweets about former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.

Gay Marriage: 100 GOP members call for gay-marriage rights

100+ GOP Leaders, 200+ Corporations Support Same-Gender Marriage

Shifting public attitudes pressure Republicans to reassess their platform on marriage equality.

Diversity in Healthcare: Black Men & Cancer Rates

Seizing the Opportunity to Curb Cancer Disparities

Hospitals launch innovative programs to provide culturally competent care and reduce treatment gaps.

Obesity at record-high levels among Blacks and Latinos

Why Are So Many Blacks & Latinos Fat? Research From Manufacturers Hides the Truth

Manufacturers cleverly hide products’ dangers behind corporate-responsibility campaigns.

Emory University James Wagner

Emory President ‘Apologizes’ for Praising 3/5 of Person Slavery Compromise

The Emory University President is under fire for citing the 3/5 of a person slavery compromise in the U.S. Constitution as “working toward the highest aspiration.” He followed this up with a “to those hurt by ” apology.

Diversity Lacks: Does the GOP have a future in America?

GOP for White People Only?

A controversial new article contending that the GOP’s history precludes it from being inclusive of nonwhites asks whether the party has a future in America.

‘I Didn’t Get the Job Because I’m Black’

Diversity and inclusion lacking? How can a company know if the corporate culture has given discrimination claims more of a chance legally?

BREAKING NEWS! Boy Scouts to End Gay Ban for Members, Not Leaders

Why Did the Boy Scouts Postpone Gay-Ban Repeal?

Another delay on inclusion turns eyes toward the BSA’s 116,000 sponsors—and the funding fears slowing progress.

Pentagon to Offer Same-Gender Couples benefits

Pentagon to Issue Same-Gender Couple Benefits

Is this new policy indicative of how the Supreme Court will rule on DOMA this summer?

BREAKING NEWS! Boy Scouts to End Gay Ban for Members, Not Leaders

Obama Joins Corporate Outcry Against Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban

Should the Boy Scouts lift its gay ban? President Obama reveals during a video interview why he believes gays and lesbians should have access.

Are Blacks Being Exploited on American Idol?

Racism? American Idol Lawsuit Offends Former Black Contestant

Don’t use me in your racism lawsuit! Jermaine Jones fires back at the Black American Idol contestants claiming discrimination.

Health News: Segregated Blacks More Likely to Die of Lung Cancer

Study finds Blacks living in segregated neighborhoods have higher lung cancer mortality rate than those in diverse communities.

Diversity in the Military: Womaen Allowed on the Front Lines

Finally! Ban on Women in Combat Lifted

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is overturning the policy that kept women from prominent combat roles.

Fox News logo

Does Fox News Hate Transgender People?

From an image of Mrs. Doubtfire to Bill O’Reilly’s mockery, Fox News seems to have a biased agenda against transgender people.

MLK Day 2013: What best practices do companies use to commemorate the holiday?

Dr. King & Civil Rights: How Walmart, AT&T & More Keep It Relevant

What best practices do companies use to commemorate MLK Day and align celebrations with diversity-management strategies? How important is it to make the day a holiday?

Make me Asian and Make me Indian Google Apps Offend, Called Racist

Google’s Racist Apps Removed After 8,400+ Sign Petition

Google Play store pulls ‘Make Me Asian,’ ‘Make Me Indian’ off its virtual shelf for telling users to overlay slanted eyes, darken skin on photos then “laugh heartily.”

Obamacare is Fascism, says Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

‘Fascist’ Obamacare Will Cut Workers’ Hours: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Will Whole Foods eliminate full-time positions? CEO John Mackey blames Obamacare for impending cutbacks.

Our Baloney Meterspotlights absurd and hypocritical actions

Asians, Chop Those Vegetables! Women, Serve Those Men! The Baloney Meter Returns!

American Airlines rebranding attempt is a throwback to 1960s era stereotypes. Remember the "Baloney Meter"? It's back.

Walmart Diversity Efforts to Improve Veteran Hiring

Walmart CEO: We’ll Hire 100,000 Veterans, Increase American-Made Purchases by $50B

Walmart’s getting people back to work. CEO promises to give all returning troops jobs, buy more U.S. products and help its employees gain full-time employment.

Black women in the military were disproportionately discriminated against

Who Was Most Hurt By ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? Black Women

Less than 1 percent of service women are Black, but 9 percent of all female Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell discharges were Black women.

Obama's Cabinet Lacks Diversity: Where Are All the Women, Blacks, Latinos & Asians?

Obama’s Cabinet Diversity Record ‘Embarrassing as Hell’

The president has surrounded himself with white male advisers. Aren’t there any women, Blacks, Latinos or Asians qualified to sit on his Cabinet?

The New Congress Is the Most Diverse in History

Most Diverse Congress Sworn In

The 113th Congress is the most diverse in history—and it’s not just about race and gender.