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George Zimmerman verdict headline from the New York Post

SLIDESHOW: Zimmerman Verdict Headlines

A look at headlines from around the country following George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

American Non-Dilemma

If Diversity & Inclusion Is Working, Why Are White Men Still Getting the Best Jobs?

In a preview of her new book "The American Non-Dilemma", Dr. Nancy DiTomaso asks if diversity & inclusion efforts are effective.

Leo Washington, a high school football player, came out of the closet before Jason Collins

A Role Model for Jason Collins and Corporate America

The following column appeared as the “Editor’s Letter” in the Summer 2013 edition of DiversityInc magazine. CLICK HERE to read the digital edition of this and past issues. By Barbara Frankel High-school football player Leo Washington, who is gay, almost didn’t survive high school, where he received relentless bullying and was forced to change in …

What the #$@! Is Wrong With Sports?

Who's ahead in the standings: racists, sexists, bigots or homophobes?

WA High School Drops Redskins Name; Will Pro Teams Follow?

In response to concerns from American Indians, high schools and colleges have been moving away from Indian mascots. Will pro sports bow to the same pressure?

Study: Leukemia Is More Deadly for Blacks

But are the cancer-center study’s details more telling than the study’s results?

SLIDESHOW: Sports Cards of Trouble

A visual look at the trouble spots in professional sports when it comes to dealing with the issues of diversity and inclusion.

Touting Diversity: Why Are Pro Sports Leagues Celebrating?

Diversity numbers are improving, but are they really cause for celebration?

Big Brother Reveals Houseguests’ Racist Rants

Forget the show—what else have these contestants lost?

Racist “White History Month” Parade Float Angers Community

Can farmer be banned from future parades for offensive float?

Bruce Arians says gay NFL players are in the closet because of fans, not other players or the league

NFL Coach Blames Fans for Lack of Openly Gay Players

Coach says football fans, not the teams or the league, are why players stay closeted.

Professor: Obese People Can’t Get PhDs

Does social media make people think they have the OK to discriminate?

AMA Classifies Obesity as a Disease

What does this mean for doctors’ offices and businesses? Who is most impacted?

Housing discrimination still runs high.

Housing Discrimination More Subtle, But Still Absurdly High

Federal laws force sellers and agents to be more subtle in their racism, but what more can be done to stop the practice altogether?

images of homes

SLIDESHOW: Housing Discrimination in the U.S.

A visual look at what type of housing discrimination issues against racial and ethnic minorities are still occurring in the U.S., and where.

SLIDESHOW: U.S. Celebrates Gay-Rights Rulings

Supporters and advocates of gay rights and equality lifted their arms, flags and voices in celebration after Wednesday’s Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. From coast to coast, DiversityInc takes you on a tour of smiles all around.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Why It’s NOT About American Indian Rights

The Supreme Court ruling this week angered supporters of the Indian Child Welfare Act, but should it have?

Paula Deen on Today: ‘I Am Not a Racist’

Are her half-baked apology and excuses worth anything?