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How to Ask for a Raise

From our Best Practices sister site, hear Kia Painter-Holland, Executive Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Employee Experience at Cox Communications, offer her thoughts on asking for a raise.

Lateral Move

Changing Jobs Within Your Company Could be a Good Move

If you generally like your workplace and colleagues, taking a new job at your company can have several advantages.

Working mothers

How to Apply Your New Mom Skills When You Go Back to Work

The thought of returning to work may feel overwhelming, but you’re now an expert multi-tasker.

Motherhood Penalty

How to Avoid the ‘Motherhood Penalty’ and Recoup Income

Women face a “motherhood penalty” of 4 percent of income for each child they have, and 10 percent for high-earning moms.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey Shares Her Success as a Working Mom with David Letterman

It's about how people you love just wear you out and irritate you and sit in your chair and make you lose sleep.

Lissiah Hundley

Cox’s Lissiah Hundley Talks About Addressing Unconscious Bias

Lissiah Hundley, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, Cox Enterprises

Telephone Interviews A Guide to Success

Telephone Interviews: A Guide to Success

Employers can use phone interviews to eliminate underrepresented candidates before they even set foot in the door. But being adequately prepared can help you get past any biases.

Job Interview

The Job Search: Managing Interview Questions

Researching the company you want to work for is imperative, but if you want to hit a home run in your next interview, you need to be prepared for the other questions you’re likely to face.

Luke Visconti

Luke Visconti, CEO: Executive Presence: A How-To Guide

You must project competency and engender trust, and you can never appear to be a lightweight. You can have a sense of humor and light moments, but you have to have the gravitas of a leader.

Resume Tips

Common Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

Small errors can keep you from getting a big job. What are some of the most common mistakes people make on their resumes and what can you do to avoid them?

Raymond Arroyo

The One Thing You Need to Find the Perfect Job

It takes significant effort to land the job that’s right for you. But there is an essential attribute that supports and augments all these efforts.

Choosing Natural Hair Styles Still a Career Concern for Black Women

Choosing Natural Hair Styles Still a Career Concern for Black Women

Black women are embracing natural hair like never before, but acceptance by corporate America is still a significant concern for those climbing the ladder.

9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues

9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues

We keep hearing what straight, able-bodied white people shouldn't say to others, but what shouldn't you say to them? What are the best ways to work with white allies?