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Amazon headquarters

Amazon’s Demographic Data: More of the Same

The company’s numbers are in line with those of its fellow tech giants. But what omission has the Rainbow PUSH Coalition calling Amazon “intentionally deceptive”?

Apple's Plan to Improve Its Diversity

Apple’s Diversity Data: Better Representation of Blacks, Latinos

In a letter accompanying the data, Tim Cook becomes the first Silicon Valley CEO to personally call for more improvement at his company.

Compared to their students, teachers lack diversity.

In-Class Support: Survey Finds Teachers Lack in Diversity

When compared with the students who they are teaching, there is a large disparity in the diversity of America’s teachers. Just how big a disparity? And what states are the worst offenders? We have the answers here.

Workplace Diversity: Do White Men Really Need Diversity Outreach?

Workplace diversity includes ALL employees. See how companies are showing white men what's in it for them.

Work/Life Legal Issues

Workplace Diversity: 5 Legal Challenges of Work/Life Programs

Workplace diversity includes work/life, but can offering employees flexibility and other benefits get you in trouble? Here are the pitfalls to avoid.

Diversity Web Seminar on Work/Life: How Workplace Diversity Benefits From Flexible Work Options

Should workplace diversity include flexible work options? Diversity experts from Deloitte and Eli Lilly reveal in this web seminar how work/life programs can help your company build a more productive and loyal workforce.

The Four Stages of Diversity Management

Diversity management has four stages. What stage of managing diversity in the workplace is your company in?

The Stereotype Threat to Workplace Diversity: Dr. Claude Steele Mesmerizes Audience

Dr. Claude Steele, a recognized leader in the field of social psychology, tells how negative stereotypes hinder workplace diversity, perpetuate the achievement gap between Blacks/whites and limit talent potential.