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Men Don’t Value Diversity Nearly as Much as Women

Study finds only about a third of men feel diversity on corporate boards is very important.

Hollywood Projects Stunning Lack of Diversity

Study shows that white, hetero males dominate and women hardly speak.

Women, Minorities Continually Left Behind In STEM Jobs

Despite growth in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field, gender and racial gaps remain.

Marilyn Mosby: ‘Unafraid to Challenge the Status Quo in the Pursuit of Justice’

During the annual NAACP convention in Philadelphia, Baltimore Chief Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby discussed the disparities black women face, yet their ability to greatly influence the future of public policy.

Serena Williams, New York Times and Body Image

A New York Times article on tennis champion Serena Williams’ physique has stirred up controversy on social media. A long-time advocate for elite professional female athletes shares her perspective.

Vildan Kehr: Global Leaders Must Embrace Change

In a career that has taken her around the world, Vildan Kehr, Divisional Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Abbott, shares what is necessary to be a global leader in business.

CIA Diversity Study Blasts Agency Failures

Very little progress made in decades and minorities not making it to senior levels.

Facebook, Google Show No Progress

Eight out of 10 senior leaders at Facebook and Google are men; seven out of 10 are white.

Hair Braiding Regulations in Texas Continue to Unravel

Texas has impossible regulations on the hair braiding industry impeding upon the businesses of Black women, which a new bill may change.

Asian American employees

Asian Americans Scarce Among Silicon Valley Executives

A new report shows that while Asian Americans are well represented among the work force of five large tech firms, they remain underrepresented in leadership roles.

3 Key Practices to Increase Retention Rates of Diverse Employees

Michele G. Green, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Prudential Financial, offers best practices for increasing the retention rates of employees from underrepresented groups.


Can You Bring Your Authentic Self to Work? Three Senior Women Executives Get Personal

Executive women discuss how they have managed to build a viable executive presence and share work experiences.

CEO Barbie Google Search

CEO Barbie: Perception of Women in Leadership Differs from the Reality

Research shows people think women make fine leaders, but why are women CEOs still so few in number?

Hairstyles of Black Women: Cases of Discrimination

Mainstream society still falters at the acceptance of natural hair and hairstyles of Black women, which has led to legal action against discrimination.

Woman in workplace

Subtle Sexism, Mansplaining and Manterruptions No Longer Tolerated

From Microsoft’s CEO to Tucker Carlson, critical mass is building for recognizing subtle forms of sexist behavior.

Spelman College Elects Campbell 10th President

Spelman College announced Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell has been elected 10th president of the college. Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum will complete her tenure as president in June.

Rainbow flag and ballot box

Diversity Becoming a Priority in LGBT Spaces

The LGBT Congressional Staff Association discusses their approach to diversity outreach even within the LGBT community itself

Pres. Obama

Is the STEM Talent Pipeline Really the Problem?

At the White House Science Fair, the POTUS announced $90M in new pledges for his STEM initiatives

Lack of Diversity Costing Hollywood Money

The 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report offers that a lack of diversity may begin to affect the bottom line of the entertainment industry.

'Outnumbered' on Fox News Channel

FOX News: Immigrants, Feminism Causing Rise of Unmarried Parents

FOX’s Outnumbered hosts think immigrant cultures and women “having sex like a man” are behind the growing number of births to cohabiting, unmarried adults.

Women of Color Leadership Conference Focuses on Technology

Spelman College is hosting its 11th Annual Leadership and Women of Color Conference featuring female leaders in technology and digital industries.

Glass ceiling for women in Hollywood is even worse than we thought.

Glass Ceiling Is Even Worse for Women on Big Screen

Hollywood certainly doesn’t help the perception of women in the workplace, as a new analysis of movie roles points out.

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

The scathing Justice Department report also made note of sexual harassment and gender bias.

Men Named John Outnumber Women in Key Leadership Positions

Men Named John Outnumber Women in Key Leadership Positions

An economics professor uses an unusual ratio to describe the lack of gender equity at the top level of management.