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Dylann Roof, South Carolina Church Gunman's two Death Penalty Trials a Rarity

Jewish and Indian Attorneys are ‘My Political and Biological Enemies,’ Says Dylann Roof

An appeals court denied white supremacist Dylann Roof’s request for new legal counsel on the basis of their ethnicities.

White Nationalist Surrenders in Virginia on Three Felony Charges

White Nationalist Surrenders in Virginia on Three Felony Charges

In a Vice News documentary, viewed more than 44 million times, Christopher Cantwell called Charlottesville counter-protester Heather Heyer’s death “more than justified.”

Glendon Scott Crawford, N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

The klansman and self-proclaimed white supremacist planned to use a "death ray" to kill Muslims and the president.

Dylan Roof found guilty

Charleston Gunman Will Not Use Mental Health to Avoid Death Penalty

Avowed white supremacist and convicted murderer Dylann Roof will not ask jurors to consider his mental health during the death penalty phase of his trial for killing nine Black churchgoers.

Thousands Demand Trump Dump Bannon

Thousands Demand Trump Dump Bannon

15,000 lawyers, nearly 700 Harvard Business School grads, 169 House Democrats and more than a half-dozen college presidents are calling for incoming senior White House advisor Steve Bannon to be removed.

Trump disavows white supremacists

Trump Disavows White Supremacists (But They Know What He Means)

The president-elect distanced himself from the alt-right movement and condemned white nationalists celebrating his election, but those are “just words,” say neo-Nazis and others.

Members of the National Policy Institute, including reality TV personality Tila Tequila, show Nazi salute in photo posted to Twitter.

U.S. Holocaust Museum Alarmed Over ‘Hateful Speech’ by White Nationalists

The National Policy Institute, a leading group of the alt-right movement buoyed by Trump's win, includes neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Steve Bannon

White Supremacist To Serve in Top White House Role

Breitbart chairman Stephen Bannon, credited with making the conservative website more openly racist and anti-Semitic, to be “equal partners” with White House chief of staff.

Racist messages sent to Penn students

University of Oklahoma Student Suspended for Sending Racist Messages, Lynching Threats

Student is suspected of sending messages to more than 150 students at the University of Pennsylvania that included racial slurs and threats of lynchings, with pictures of African Americans being hanged.

Please Go Out and Vote, Trump

Trump May Win If You Don’t Vote

Only one candidate directly addressed the coalition of Black, Latino and white citizens who elected Barack Obama twice — Donald Trump.

Trump: Black Americans Live in 'Ghettos'

Trump: Black Americans Live in ‘Ghettos’

Trump calls largely Black areas "ghettos" and paints Black neighborhoods as having "so many horrible, horrible problems."

Pu**y Grabs Back: New Sexual Assault Claims Against Trump

Five women are now on the record describing unwanted sexual advances from Trump, confirming his boasts of entitlement to do so.

Republican Rep Nominee Likens Obamas to Monkeys

Fellow Republicans have called on Dan Johnson to drop out of the race after numerous racially charged Facebook posts — but he vowed to "make Kentucky great again."

Trump Denies 'Grab them by the p---y' is Sexual Assault

Trump Denies ‘Grab them by the p—y’ is Sexual Assault

"He's talking about women as if they don't have a right to consent to the way someone touches them. This is how sexual violence becomes accepted in our culture."

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Pueblo, Colorado

Trump Suggests Vets With PTSD Aren’t ‘Strong’

"He is just so thoroughly, completely uninformed," said Vice President Joe Biden of Trump and his latest remarks.

Trump, deplorable, Trump supporters, wall

Minorities Have too Much Influence, Trump Supporters Say: Poll

Numbers echo the proven narrative that Trump supporters are in favor of white men maintaining societal influence and power.

Rudeness, 'Special requests' From Trump Campaign Rejected by Civil Rights Museum

Trump Rejected From Visiting Civil Rights Museum After Rudeness, ‘Special requests’

"Mr. Trump is welcome to come to the museum, just as everyone else," co-founder Earl Jones said. "But he's not gonna receive any special treatment."

Jury Selection Begins in U.S. Case Against Church Shooter

Jury Selection Begins in U.S. Case Against Church Shooter

Dylann Roof faces charges including hate crimes for the murders of nine Black parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in 2015.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Warns Trump: ‘Stop and frisk’ Will Make Things Worse

"He has had no experience with policing, no experience with public safety," Bill de Blasio said of the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump Jr., Nazi propaganda, Skittles

Trump Jr. Invokes Nazi Propaganda in Comparison of Syrian Refugees to Skittles

A meme on Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account has numerous racist origins — including an anti-Semitic children’s book published in 1938.

Trump Urges Profiling

Trump Again Urges Racial Profiling By Police

The GOP nominee says profiling and limiting immigration will stop terrorism, while Hillary Clinton aims to cut off propaganda and recruiting efforts online.

Trump, deplorable, Trump supporters, wall


Polling data shows the traits and attitudes of Trump supporters fit that definition.

Pastor Cuts Trump Short During Anti-Clinton Speech in Flint

Pastor Cuts Trump Short During Anti-Clinton Speech in Flint

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said that Flint is focused on recovering, "not photo ops."