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Black CEO Talks About Diversity, is Called Racist

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer came under fire for acknowledging corporate America’s very apparent lack of diversity.

North Charleston Police Sergeant Fired Over Confederate Flag Boxers Photo

The former sergeant is now appealing the decision.

S.C. Senate Votes to Remove Flag, Awaits House

The lawmakers’ highly anticipated debate on the Confederate flag’s place in the state began on Monday.

Major Retailers Remove Confederate-Themed Products

Walmart started the trend, followed quickly by Sears and eBay. Amazon, joined later, but has seen a huge spike in Confederate product sales.

Social Media, Pressure Bring Racism Center Stage

Growing public pressure forces politicians and corporations to change views on long-held beliefs.

Tracy Morgan

Walmart Steps Up for Comedian Tracy Morgan in Settlement

The multinational corporation does right by the comic in taking responsibility for the truck crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed Morgan’s friend.

Conservatives Push Gay Bashing vs. Corporate America

The 2016 presidential campaign has transformed into a battle between evangelicals and liberals.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart Helps Convince Arkansas Gov. to Wait on Anti-LGBT Bill

Walmart’s powerful voice weighed in its home state against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, helping to push the governor to send the bill back to the legislature.

Empowering Women to Power Walmart

Empowering Women to Power Walmart

From the checkout lane to executive row, Walmart is committed to being the best place to work for women at all levels.

diabetes screening

Sam’s Club Supports Early Detection of Diabetes With Free Screenings for Its Members and the Public

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 29.1 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and of those, 8.1 million are still undiagnosed.

Oliver Turman, AT&T; Michael Byron, Walmart; Keith Hines, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Video: How to Grow Your Diverse Suppliers

Oliver Turman (AT&T), Michael Byron (Walmart) and Keith Hines (PwC) lead supplier diversity initiatives at their companies.

Walmart Ad Mike Rowe

Walmart’s $250 BILLION Investment in America Gets Actor Death Threats

After Walmart commits a massive amount of resources that will help underpaid and out-of-work Americans—mostly Black and Latino—the well-known voiceover artist and TV star who narrated the ad received death threats. What did he compare them to and what exactly is Walmart investing in?

Tony Waller, Walmart

Walmart Provides Greater Access to Opportunities, Helps African Americans Pursue Higher Education, Job Training and Placement

Store gives $1.75 million in grants to three leading nonprofits to help students and adults in 20 U.S. communities.

Walmart Foundation Gives $2.5 Million to Share Our Strength to Increase the Availability of Nutrition Education Programs for Families

Walmart Foundation Gives $2.5 Million to Share Our Strength to Increase the Availability of Nutrition Education Programs for Families

Grant provides more than 100,000 Americans with access to Cooking Matters program, offering hands-on cooking classes, interactive grocery store tours and high-quality nutrition education nationwide.

Walmart announces they will begin offering domestic partner health benefits in 2014.

Walmart to Offer Domestic-Partner Benefits

The Supreme Court ruling was the impetus for a long overdue equalization of benefits.

Companies Say N-O to Paula Deen’s Use of the N-Word

Five major brands tell DiversityInc that they are reviewing, or will discontinue, agreements with her.

Paula Deen and the N-Word: Mixed Reaction From Corporations, Citizens

Paula Deen and the N-Word: Mixed Reaction From Corporations, Citizens

Is Deen’s poorly executed apology enough to excuse her use of offensive language?

Walmart Executive to Address Spring 2013 Graduates

Sharon Orlopp, Global Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of Walmart, will address the graduates during the 146th Spring Commencement of Fayetteville State University (FSU).