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Trump's Voter Fraud Probe Could Pave Way for Tougher Voting Rules

‘Voter Fraud’ Investigation Based on One Tweet

President Donald Trump seemingly based his "voter fraud" cry on an unsubstantiated tweet from November alleging "verified" voter fraud.

NAACP Sues North Carolina Over Cancelled Voter Registrations

NAACP Sues North Carolina Over Cancelled Voter Registrations

A district judge called the voter registrations removal process "insane" and said it "sounds like something that was put together in 1901."

Emails show how Republicans lobbied to limit voting hours in North Carolina

Emails Show How Republicans Lobbied to Limit Voting Hours in North Carolina

Republicans pushed to significantly restrict early voting and voting hours, as well as limit the number of poll sites in some areas.

Philadelphia transit strike could hamper voter turnout next week

Philadelphia Transit Strike Could Hamper Voter Turnout Next Week

Without public transportation to the polls, the strike could have a large impact on a critical swing state, where registered Democrats largely outnumber Republicans.

In Ohio, A Spelling Error Could Cost you Your Vote

In Ohio, A Spelling Error Could Cost You Your Vote

Many Ohio ballots have been thrown out due to small spelling errors — notably in Democratic-leaning counties.

Winning in court, losing on the ground: uncertainty clouds U.S. voting rights

Winning in Court, Losing on the Ground: Uncertainty Clouds U.S. Voting Rights

Despite a series of court victories for voting rights, civil rights groups and voting rights activists remain concerned that these rulings will not be enforced on local levels.

Rigged Elections? Nasty Woman? Trump's Scorched Earth Tactics Have Little Upside

Rigged Elections? Nasty Woman? Trump’s Scorched Earth Tactics Have Little Upside

Trump's hostile debate strategy may have worked against him in his attempt to win back support he's lost over the past few weeks.

Trump Supporters Intend to Intimidate Minority Voters at Polls

Trump Supporters Intend to Intimidate Minority Voters at Polls

"Election observers" openly say they will racially profile "people who can't speak American … to make them a little bit nervous."

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Education Fund Calls on Congress to Restore Voting Rights Act

Civil Rights Group Calls on Congress to Restore Voting Rights Act

"We have to use every possible means to ensure the integrity of this election isn't compromised by racial discrimination and intimidation."

Trump Again Urges Racial Profiling By Police

Trump Suggests Voter Intimidation, Again

Trump once again told supporters to "watch" voters in "certain areas" and offers a section on his website for poll watchers to sign up.

How to Drive out the Crucial Latino Vote

How to Drive out the Crucial Latino Vote

Latinos are the fastest growing group of eligible voters. NALEO Educational Fund is helping this group take action in the upcoming election.

Diddy says Black Voters 'Shortchanged' by Obama Presidency

Black Voters ‘Shortchanged’ by Obama Presidency, Says Diddy

The rapper and businessman encouraged Black voters to “hold our vote” until a candidate prioritizes issues pertinent to the Black community.

Supreme Court Continues to Scrutinize Civil-Rights Acts

After scaling back the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in 2013, the Supreme Court will now rule on the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which will affect future cases on housing discrimination.

Federal Judge Overturns Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law

A federal court does away with the Republican-backed voter-ID law, saying it unfairly punishes Blacks, Latinos and the poor. What does this mean for Wisconsin voters?

SLIDESHOW: Key moments in Voting Rights

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a historic piece of United States civil-rights law enacted to ensure that the right to participate in the Democratic process is not denied to eligible citizens on account of race or color. The law has been changed and amended over the years. Here are some key moments in time that …

Purposely Inaccurate Billboards Terrorize Poor Blacks & Latinos

This swing state’s politicians have a new way to suppress voter rights.

Racist Voter ID Laws in Pennsylvania Struck Down

‘Racist’ Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down

A judge has struck down the restrictive Pennsylvania voter ID law, which most impacted Blacks, Latinos and elderly voters.