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VISA, Another U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Muslim Ban

Trump Administration Poses Challenges for Skilled Foreigners to Work in U.S., Data Shows

Immigration attorneys have long complained about redundant challenges to high-skilled employment visas. But they say they are seeing a new trend in the Trump era.

Major Charities Pull Events From Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

“Our values and commitment to diversity are critical as we work to address the impact of cancer in every community,” American Cancer Society spokeswoman Miriam Falco said.

Some Would-be Immigrants Left in Limbo after Supreme Court Muslim Ban Order

Some Would-Be Immigrants Left in Limbo After Supreme Court Muslim Ban Order

While the court said it would exempt travelers from the ban who have “bona fide relationships” with Americans, the ruling did not specify exactly what that means.

State Department Seeks Tougher Visa Scrutiny

State Department Seeks Tougher Visa Scrutiny

Certain visa applicants would be required to provide all prior passport numbers, social media handles, email addresses and 15 years of biographical information.