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Black Cornell Student Beaten in Racially Charged Attack

Black Cornell Student Beaten in Racially Charged Attack

The university has seen several racially charged incidents over the past few weeks.

More Colleges ‘Commit’ to Diversity Initiatives

Yale, Brown and NYU have stated their goals, but time will tell how they hold up in the long run.

More Campus Racism: Dean of School with ‘Happiest Students’ Resigns

Former Dean of Claremont McKenna College Mary Spellman resigned last week as more college students confront racial tensions on their campuses.

Racism in Grade School And Its Damaging Long-Term Effects

Black students are likely to be more strictly disciplined than their white classmates. Now, studies show that this injustice follows these students all the way to college.

Latino Enrollment at Hispanic-Serving Institutions Exceeds 1 Million

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and Excelencia in Education release a new analysis on Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

University Presidents Pledge to Aid Latino Students in Graduation Success

Seventeen college and university presidents join the Presidents for Latino Students Success initiative in an attempt to close the equity gap.