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Do women need a man's permission to get an abortion?

Do Women Need a Man’s Permission to Get an Abortion?

In one state, women may soon be required by law to get a man’s permission before having an abortion. And the term “legitimate rape” is a part of it.

Todd Akin on MSNBC

Todd Akin Takes Back Apology for Rape Comment: ‘I Misspoke Some Words’

Appearing on MSNBC to promote his new book, former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin offered his explanation for his use of the phrase “legitimate rape.” See it here.

Todd Akin Wishes He Could Take Back ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

Todd Akin Wishes He Could Take Back ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

Former Congressman, whose Senate bid was ruined, hasn’t ruled out a return to politics.

Can You Prevent a ‘Todd Akin’ Moment at Your Organization?

You have the right to your opinion but not to destroy other people's productivity or conflict with the values of your employer.