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Asian American employees

Asian Americans Scarce Among Silicon Valley Executives

A new report shows that while Asian Americans are well represented among the work force of five large tech firms, they remain underrepresented in leadership roles.

Woman in workplace

Subtle Sexism, Mansplaining and Manterruptions No Longer Tolerated

From Microsoft’s CEO to Tucker Carlson, critical mass is building for recognizing subtle forms of sexist behavior.

Pres. Obama

Is the STEM Talent Pipeline Really the Problem?

At the White House Science Fair, the POTUS announced $90M in new pledges for his STEM initiatives

Microsoft Further Proves the Company Is a Man’s World

Microsoft quietly released its diversity statistics last month—and the results not only reinforced CEO Satya Nadella’s comments about women in the workforce, but also show that Microsoft’s stats are right in line with every other tech company.

Hollywood lack of diversity, Sony an example.

Sony Pictures Data Theft Reveals Zero Diversity in Top Ranks

Hollywood has been trying to improve its diversity on-screen … but the folks leading things behind the scenes are a different story.

Amazon headquarters

Amazon’s Demographic Data: More of the Same

The company’s numbers are in line with those of its fellow tech giants. But what omission has the Rainbow PUSH Coalition calling Amazon “intentionally deceptive”?

Tim Cook Proud to Be Gay

Apple CEO: ‘I’m Proud to Be Gay’

Tim Cook becomes the first openly LGBT CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But how long will it be before his company gives more opportunities to underrepresented groups?

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Silicon Valley diversity.

EXCLUSIVE: Rev. Jesse Jackson—Why Diversity In Silicon Valley Matters

Imagine if NBA scouts had never looked at Michael Jordan. In this exclusive, Rev. Jesse Jackson says Silicon Valley executives are making a big mistake by not including the entire talent pool.

Study: Plenty of Qualified Blacks, Latinos Available for Tech Jobs

While most tech giants claim that their employees are almost all white, Asian or male because those are the applicants they get, new research stats proves that to be untrue.

Ask the White Guy: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Women Raises

Luke Visconti, DiversityInc’s CEO: Karma Is Not a Career Strategy

This five-point plan would’ve helped Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recover from his spectacular blunder regarding women in the workplace.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Women Raises

Microsoft CEO: Women Should Rely on ‘Good Karma,’ Not Ask for Raises

Satya Nadella puts his foot in his mouth during a conference celebrating women in computing. Read his entire comments here.

Apple's Plan to Improve Its Diversity

Apple’s Diversity Data: Better Representation of Blacks, Latinos

In a letter accompanying the data, Tim Cook becomes the first Silicon Valley CEO to personally call for more improvement at his company.

Twitter Joins Tech Peers in Showing Lack of Diversity

The social-media giant releases its (lack of) ethnic and gender diversity data, while promising to “build a Twitter we can be proud of.”

New emoji have been released, though they still lack diversity.

Apple Releases New Emoji…Still No Diversity

Hundreds of new emjoi are coming to your smartphone, but despite petitions, the lack of diversity among them only grows.

Yahoo! Is Latest Tech Company to Release Workforce Diversity Stats

Yahoo! reveals its employment diversity (or lack there of) demographics, and not surprisingly, they are almost identical to Google’s.

Google Admits Lack of Diversity in Newly Released Report

For the first time, tech giant Google discloses its EEO-1 report, which proves that the company is primarily made up of white male employees.

Apple to Diversify Its Emojis Following Nationwide Criticism

Is the lack of multicultural representation among the electronic smileys known as emojis an illustration of the limited amount of diversity within the tech industry?

Female Exodus From Tech Jobs a Global Problem

Female Exodus From Tech Jobs a Global Problem

A new study shows serious gaps in retaining and promoting women in science and high-tech positions.

The tech industry goes to great lengths to keep their EEO-1 data a secret.

Tech Industry Fights to Keep EEO Data Secret: What Are Companies Hiding?

Declining diversity at most top tech companies becomes a public fight after multiyear legal battles to keep their workforce diversity under wraps.

Make me Asian and Make me Indian Google Apps Offend, Called Racist

Google’s Racist Apps Removed After 8,400+ Sign Petition

Google Play store pulls ‘Make Me Asian,’ ‘Make Me Indian’ off its virtual shelf for telling users to overlay slanted eyes, darken skin on photos then “laugh heartily.”