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Same-sex Marriage Laws Tied to Fewer Teen Suicide Attempts

Same-Sex Marriage Laws Tied to Fewer Teen Suicide Attempts

The researchers estimate that same-sex marriage legalization is tied to 134,000 fewer suicide attempts each year.

3 of 4 Dead in Jail Never Convicted of a Crime

And the majority of deaths are labeled as suicides, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Robin Williams and the ‘Stigma’ of Mental Illness

Robin Williams’ suicide shines the spotlight on the millions who battle—many privately—with severe depression and on what American companies can do to better serve their employees.

White Guy Responds to ‘Why Did He Kill Himself?’

A DiversityInc reader asks "what else" was going on in the life of a gay college student who committed suicide after his roommate secretly filmed and broadcast a video of him kissing another man. Read why the White Guy says this question is pointless and offensive.