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Jay-Z Slammed Over Lyrics Perpetuating Jewish Stereotypes on new album 4:44

Jay-Z Slammed Over Lyrics Perpetuating Jewish Stereotypes

"We are concerned that this lyric could feed into preconceived notions about Jews and alleged Jewish 'control' of the banks and finance."

Racist Cartoon Disgraces State University in New York

Cloistered white students prove their ignorance in a spectacularly public way.

Natural Hair: To Straighten or Not To Straighten

A North Carolina TV news anchor sparks national debate with Facebook posting on natural hair.

CEO Barbie Google Search

CEO Barbie: Perception of Women in Leadership Differs from the Reality

Research shows people think women make fine leaders, but why are women CEOs still so few in number?

Joe Biden, Stephanie Carter

Joe Biden’s Latest Targets: Women, Somalis

The Vice President, who is known to commit a gaffe from time to time, had a two-fer Tuesday, with a spectacularly viral moment and another offensive remark. See both here.

Borgata Casino MLK Day Special

Casino’s MLK Day Special: Fried Chicken, Mac ’n’ Cheese, Collard Greens

The Borgata has a simple explanation for its choice of dishes to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a choice many are calling racist.

Illegal Pete's

Colorado Community Protests Illegal Pete’s Restaurant

The owner of Mexican-restaurant chain Illegal Pete’s is facing mounting pressure. Why does Colorado’s history make the chain’s name even more offensive?

Danae Mines, FDNY Calendar

FDNY History: Calendar Features First Woman

Danae Mines, a Black woman, challenged convention by becoming a firefighter, and now she has made history with her appearance in the FDNY’s annual calendar.

Bob Beckel, FOX News Channel

3 Calif. Politicians Call for FOX Host’s Resignation Over Racist Comments

Bob Beckel makes disparaging comments about Asians for the second time on FOX News Channel. Find out what he said here.

Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

New research suggests that race plays a role in how kids perceive the pain felt by others. Does this allow white kids to think it’s OK to bully and hurt Blacks?

Vogue Italy Blackface

Vogue Publishes Blackface Spread

Fashion magazine Vogue has decided to publish a spread featuring a model in Blackface in one of its international editions, and it’s not the first time. Even more shocking are the number of Americans who think Blackface is OK.

Anti-Gay Church Marquee

Pastor Warns Black Women: ‘A White Homo May Take Your Man’

You won’t believe who Dr. James David Manning believes is responsible for unleashing this ‘devastation’ on the Black community.

Samuel L. Jackson

VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Chides Reporter Who Mistook Him for Laurence Fishburne

What did the star say during a live interview as he playfully ripped the reporter for two minutes?

Fried Chicken and Watermelon

School Slammed Over Black History Month Menu

What items on a lunch menu could draw such outrage from students, teachers and the community?

Joe Biden Third World

VP Biden: LaGuardia Airport Is Like ‘Some Third World Country’

The Vice President’s discussion about travel infrastructure draws a sharp rebuke, including from New York City’s new mayor.

David Alvarez Flier

Is This Flier Racist?

Activists claim a Latino mayoral candidate was Photoshopped in such a way to suggest a gang affiliation.

Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

Gun Lobbyist: African-Americans Are ‘Surly’

What prompted the comment, and who does Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt think can help Black Americans?

ANA Commercial

Japanese Airline’s ‘Whiteface’ Commercial

What did a Japanese actor do in a TV spot for ANA that caused a social-media uproar and the airline to pull the ad?

The Racist New York Post Front Page You Didn’t See

How did the New York Post react after putting a Japanese baseball player in a World War II fighter plane?

Richard Sherman Postgame Interview

Is ‘Thug’ the New N-Word?

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says critics who call him a thug might as well be using the more vile word.

MLK Black Party

Frat Expelled After ‘MLK Black Party’

A popular fraternity faces serious consequences after hosting an MLK Day party. Where did students hold this offensive party and what did they have to do to get in?

Study Proves Subconscious Bias Against Dark-Skinned Blacks

Study Proves Subconscious Bias Against Dark-Skinned Blacks

What experiment did researchers do to produce these results and how do their findings line up with previous studies?

Lupita Nyong'o Vanity Fair

Did Vanity Fair Lighten Lupita Nyong’o’s Skin?

Vanity Fair releases a photo teasing a spread with 12 Years a Slave star Lupita Nyong’o that has many accusing the magazine and asking why.

How I Met Your Mother


Did the hit show How I Met Your Mother cross the line with its portrayal of Asians?