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Uber President Jeff Jones Quits After Six Months

Uber President Quits After Six Months

Company grapples with several sexual harassment/assault allegations, executive exits. Continues to refuse diversity data requests.

New Accusations Against Former Fox News Head Ailes in Lawsuit

Woman in Fox Sexual Harassment Case Receives Subpoena: Lawyer

The subpoena compelled the client's testimony before a federal grand jury.

Sexual Harassment Claims Higher Than Average for Employees of Trump's Labor Secretary Nominee Andrew Puzder

Sexual Harassment Claims Higher Than Average for Employees of Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee

The organization that conducted the poll called the results "no surprise."

Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes Resigns After Mounting Sexual Assault Allegations

“If you agree to have sex with me whenever I want I will add an extra hundred dollars a week.”

Gretchen Carlson - Roger Ailes

Fox News Chief Sought Sex, Retaliated Over Discrimination Complaints, Says Former Host 

Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit claims Roger Ailes fired her for rebuffing his advances and maintaining a pervasive sexual work environment.

University Officials Face History of Sexual Harassment Allegations

The University of California-Berkeley battles a history of sexual harassment allegations against its higher administration.

The Bell at Westoning

TripAdvisor Bans Sexual Harassment Warning Because of ‘Feminism’

A woman’s account of sexual harassment breached TripAdvisor’s “political” opinions guideline, and was blocked.

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

The scathing Justice Department report also made note of sexual harassment and gender bias.

Bag of Potato Chips

June Legal Roundup: Fired for Eating a Bag of Potato Chips?

An 18-year employee’s known diabetic condition was not enough to prevent her employer from accusing her of theft.

Legal Roundup: Must you act American?

December Legal Roundup: Must You Act ‘American’?

Did a court allow an immigrant employee's discrimination case? What was the legal answer when faced with a real-life case of the "living dead"?

Twitter Apologizes to Women, Tries to Slow Hate Speech

After attacks threatening sexual violence, the microblogging site is trying to create a safer environment.

Military Sexual Assault: Group Demands General’s Ouster

Military Sexual Assault: Group Demands General’s Ouster

The Air Force General who threw out a sexual-assault conviction should be dismissed, according to an advocacy group.

Increase Support for Military Rape Survivors

Increased Support for Military Rape Survivors

One in five military women have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Can a “zero tolerance” policy help?

Service Women's Action Network

Obama Signs New Military Sexual Violence Provisions Into Law

This landmark bill marks the largest number of sexual violence provisions ever signed into law.

What will the Supreme Court rule? Will Discrimination Cases Increase?

New ‘Supervisor’ Definitions Could Increase Discrimination Lawsuits

The Supreme Court’s decision could reduce employer liability, but it also may increase racial-discrimination and sexual-harassment cases.

Is Professor’s ‘Hi, Sweetie’ Comment Sexual Harassment?

Did diversity and inclusion in a corporate culture cause a reaction to this chin-chucking incident? Read this case and more in our legal update.


Was ‘Good Riddance, B—-!’ Sexual Harassment?

Diversity and inclusion: Was an inclusive corporate culture threatened when a male coworker shouted this to a female financial adviser who had just resigned?