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Uncertainty Over Healthcare Funding Worries Schools

Uncertainty Over Healthcare Funding Worries Schools

Proposed cuts to Medicaid would have a dire, direct effect on services for students with disabilities.

'The Trump Effect': The Election's Negative Impact on Students

‘The Trump Effect’: The Election’s Negative Impact on Students

According to a new report, nine out of 10 educators have noticed "a negative impact on students' mood and behavior" since the election. Education workers shared stories on what's changed in their schools since the election.

Barack Obama

Republicans Freak Out Over Transgender Guidance

Political and religious leaders decry “social engineering” by Obama administration.

Bullied child

Study: Bullying of Gay Kids Starts Early and Often

The research shows gay, lesbian or bisexual youths are bullied more than other children even long before they identify their sexuality.

Assistant Principal Uses Marker to ‘Correct’ Latino Middle-Schooler’s Haircut

The mom of a Latino student at Coronado Middle School in Texas says she was told her son’s haircut could be considered gang-related.

Black girls face unequal punishment in schools

Black Girls Face Unequal Punishment in Schools

And dark-skinned Black girls have it even worse than lighter-skinned Black girls. Here are examples.

Segregated Schools Study

Where Are Schools Most Segregated?

Hint: It’s not the South, even though the region has “lost all of the additional progress made after 1967.” See the newest research here.

NYC Schools’ Blatant Racial Discrimination Against Black & Latino Students

Forty-five percent of New York City eighth-graders got into top-tier high schools, but only 5 percent are Black and 7 percent are Latino. Why is there such a large diversity gap in elite schools when NYC is one of the most diverse cities in the world?

Diversity & Inclusion Means Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Diversity and inclusion can’t succeed in workplaces that allow bullying at any level. What can you do to prevent and stop bullying in your company and in schools, where it begins?