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New Muslim Ban Displays Trump’s ‘Obsession With Religious Discrimination’

New Muslim Ban Displays Trump’s ‘Obsession with Religious Discrimination’

Reports from the Department of Homeland Security directly contradict some of the logic behind the ban.

October legal roundup

October Legal Roundup: Is Employee With Down Syndrome Entitled to Blanket Protection?

How did a court rule on whether an employer is required to accommodate the profane outbursts of an employee with a disability?

A roundup of legal cases involving discrimination lawsuits.

January Legal Roundup: Can a Religious Object Be a ‘Dangerous Weapon’?

What is a kirpan, and why was a Sikh IRS agent fired for wearing one to work?

How Does Your Company Stay Culturally Competent During the Holidays?

Holidays at Work: Culturally Competent or Offensive? What You SHOULD Know

Is your company culturally competent during the holidays? Ensure employees’ festivities don’t lead to discrimination lawsuits.

How Can Diversity Management Measure Religious Inclusion?

How Can Diversity Management Measure Religious Inclusion?

How does religious inclusion fit into diversity management? Can it be represented/highlighted as a primary metric in an overall diversity assessment?