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CEO, Chairman Personally Liable Retaliation Case

March Legal Roundup: CEO, Chairman Personally Liable in Retaliation Case

What led a court to rule that a wrongly fired employee can collect damages from either the company or from the company’s CEO and its Chairman?

Bag of Potato Chips

June Legal Roundup: Fired for Eating a Bag of Potato Chips?

An 18-year employee’s known diabetic condition was not enough to prevent her employer from accusing her of theft.

Survey: What American Workers Really Think About Religion

One-third of American workers have experienced or witnessed religious bias while on the job, according to a new report from the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding and Public Religion Research.

February Legal Roundup

February Legal Roundup: Is ‘Something Is Wrong’ Enough Notice of a Disability?

How explicit do you have to be for your employer to know that you have an ADA-defined disability?

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As 'Emerging Issue'

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As ‘Emerging Issue’

Agency offers recourse even though LGBT people are not specifically included in Title VII.