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Rape Victims Made to Pay Part of the Medical Bill

Racial Disparities in Trauma Deaths Not Seen with Tricare

Plenty of previous research has found minority patients often have worse survival odds and more complications than white patients.

AT&T’s David Huntley Talks About Race and How Far We Have to Go

AT&T’s David Huntley Talks About Race and How Far We Have to Go

AT&T’s SEVP and Chief Compliance Officer David Huntley has a frank conversation about race and how far we have to go to make things right.

Are Your Employees Taking a Knee?

Are Your Employees Taking a Knee?

What corporate leaders can learn from NFL team owners’ sudden support of their football players.

Michael Eric Dyson

VIDEO: Michael Eric Dyson Explains Why Diversity is Essential in the U.S.

The renowned scholar spoke with DiversityInc at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 47th Annual Legislative Conference.

African Americans More Likely to Be Wrongfully Convicted: Study

African Americans More Likely to Be Wrongfully Convicted: Study

Black Americans are about seven times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder than white Americans, according to the study.

Prudential 4.01K Race for Retirement Calls Attention to State of Retirement Readiness

Prudential 4.01K Race for Retirement Calls Attention to State of Retirement Readiness

Nearly 12,000 people registered for the Race for Retirement at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

Psychotherapists Race and Class

Some Psychotherapists May Choose Patients by Race or Class

Unconscious bias in psychotherapists may lead to disparities in who receives health care based on race and class, a study found.


Report: Trump Campaign Pays Men More Than Women

An analysis finds the pay is not equal, and the staff is not diverse.

President Obama, Misty Copeland Discuss Body Image and Race

“We socialize and press women to constantly doubt themselves or define themselves in terms of a certain appearance,” said President Obama.

Comcast’s Chief Diversity Officer Talks ‘Race’ at Screening

The Jesse Owens’ biopic “Race” offers lessons in overcoming obstacles.

Report: Whites No Longer Majority, Asians Largest Immigrant Group

A new Pew Center report predicts how immigration will drive population growth over the next 50 years.

Students Who Share A Race with Teachers Get Better Grades

Students Who Share a Race with Teachers Get Better Grades

Study finds college students of the same race or ethnicity as their teaching assistants also participate more and are more likely to attend office hours.

Civil Rights Activist Julian Bond Dies at 75, Leaders Call Him ‘Hero’

Prominent leaders and friends are mourning the death of a civil rights icon.

President Obama ‘Feels Great Urgency’ Toward Race Relations

President Obama said in an interview the “awakening around the country” to problems in race relations offers him an opportunity to “shape the debate.”

To Improve Diversity, Talking About Race Cannot Be Taboo

PwC Chairman Bob Moritz has candid conversation with Mellody Hobson on moving race discussion forward.

PwC To Discuss Importance of Talking Openly About Race

US Chairman Bob Moritz will interview Mellody Hobson about her famous Ted Talk "Color Blind or Color Brave?"

Blacks Pulled Over Almost Twice as Much, But Who’s More Likely to Have Contraband?

A new report by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster highlights great racial disparity in vehicle stops by police.

Blues Great B.B. King Dies at Age 89

B.B. King’s music crossed racial lines and inspired generations of musicians of diverse genres.

First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: My Critics Don’t Define Me

At Tuskegee University’s commencement ceremony the First Lady talked about race and how she was perceived during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Clorox bleach

Clorox ‘Apologizes’ for Tweet About Diverse Emojis

Clorox ‘Apologizes’ for Tweet About Diverse Emojis

Princeton’s ‘Urban Congo’ Controversy Highlights Race Relations

A performance by a Princeton University student group called Urban Congo offended Black students and brought to the forefront a need for open dialogue on race.

‘Friendship Nine’ Convictions Vacated After More Than 50 Years

The Friendship Nine, who were arrested during the Civil Rights movement for a sit-in, had their convictions and sentences officially vacated at Rock Hill Municipal Court in South Carolina.

What Do NYPD Officers Think of City Standoff Over #BlackLivesMatter?

Shoving and shouting break out during a PBA meeting as NYPD officers take their union leader to task over the standoff with city leaders.

Stealing Indian Land for a Copper Mine

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange Conservation Act means copper gains for Resolution Copper, but a potential loss of access to land that is sacred to the Apache tribe.