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Ron Paul: Black Congress Members Want All War Money for ‘Food Stamps’

The former Congressman and Presidential candidate has a history of making racially inflammatory comments. See what else he has said here.

Pennsylvania Judge Racist Email

Pa. Supreme Court Candidate’s Racist Email

Judge Thomas Kistler withdraws from consideration for the position after revelations that he had forwarded an email with a racist mock greeting card. See it here.

Miss. Rep. Gene Alday says his crazy welfare checks and Blacks don't work comments were taken out of context.

‘Blacks Don’t Work and Get Crazy Welfare Checks’ Quote Taken Out of Context?

A Mississippi lawmaker—and former police chief—says his quotes about Blacks refusing to work and his near-death exaggeration were simply taken out of context.

Joe Biden, Stephanie Carter

Joe Biden’s Latest Targets: Women, Somalis

The Vice President, who is known to commit a gaffe from time to time, had a two-fer Tuesday, with a spectacularly viral moment and another offensive remark. See both here.

Carl Smith LGBT Rights

N.J. Congressman: LGBT Rights Are Not Human Rights

Representative Chris Smith made his comments in a House Subcommittee hearing about Nigeria, which bans same-gender marriage. See his exact words here.

Obama Hitler comparison tweeted by Texas Rep. Randy Weber

Congressman Compares Obama to Hitler

Texas Republican Randy Weber reaches a new low with his Obama-Hitler comparison. What made him say it?

The most diverse Congress ever

Welcome to the Most Diverse Congress Yet

On a still predominantly-white, predominantly-male Capitol Hill, just how many women, Blacks and Latinos will help shape the future of the country?

Racist columns mean Ira Hansen won't be Nevada's Assembly Speaker

Meet the Racist Elected Statehouse Speaker

He denies he’s a racist, but his published columns speak for themselves. See what one state’s pick for Assembly Speaker has to say.

Loretta Lynch Attorney General

President Obama Nominates Loretta Lynch as First Black Woman Attorney General

Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is no stranger to highly charged, racially sensitive police-brutality investigations, having handled one of New York City’s highest-profile cases.

Bonnie Watson Coleman, Elise Stefanik, Tim Scott

Election Roundup: What Happened and Why It Matters

While Republicans ran away with many races, women, Blacks and low-income families also made big strides on Election Day.

Lindsay Graham on White Men

Whose Presidency Would Benefit ‘White Men in Male-Only Clubs’?

What U.S. Senator actually said that? Find out the context of the remarks and also hear what he had to say about Baptists.

Bonnie Watson Coleman shares her beliefs in uniting people, which also provides great insight for diversity practitioners.

VIDEO: Bonnie Watson Coleman—Uniting People Goes Beyond Politics

Uniting people is important for politics, just ask Bonnie Watson Coleman, the New Jersey assemblywoman running to be the first Black woman to represent the Garden State in the House of Representatives. But it's also important for business, and her insights are very informative for diversity practitioners.

Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad

Did Wendy Davis’ ‘Wheelchair Ad’ Go Too Far?

The Democratic candidate in Texas’s hotly contested gubernatorial race released a campaign ad that many feel attacks people with disabilities. See it here.

Federal judges have blocked North Carolina's discriminatory voting-rights laws.

Federal Judges Block N.C.’s Discriminatory Voting-Rights Laws

Federal judges make it clear that North Carolina’s voting-rights laws disproportionally hurt Blacks and Latinos, “whether the number is thirty or thirty-thousand.”

Scott Brown Women's Issues

U.S. Senate Candidate: No One Cares About Women’s Issues

Running against a female incumbent, Scott Brown—who has two daughters of his own—insists that voters care more about immigration, border security, veterans issues and Obamacare.

Did Eric Holder blow it as the nation's first Black attorney general?

Did Eric Holder Blow It as First Black Attorney General?

After six years as attorney general, what is Eric Holder’s legacy? And is a woman among the frontrunners to replace him?

Joe Biden Offends Jews, Asians

VP Biden Offends Jews, Asians on Consecutive Days

What insensitive terms did Vice President Joe Biden use while referring to these two groups? Hear audio and see video of his remarks here.

Fran Millar

Lawmaker: Stop the Black Vote!

A Georgia state legislator openly opposes a plan that would increase the Black vote just outside of Atlanta, saying he prefers “educated” voters to Black voters.

Black and Latino Vote

Do New Voter-ID Laws Really Protect Democracy?

Midterm elections are right around the corner and the 2016 Presidential election will be here before you know it. But how many Black and Latino voters will have their ballots cast aside by new, restrictive voting laws?

Black and Latino Vote

Will Black and Latino Vote Count in Next Election?

A newly released report by the National Commission on Voting Rights proves that underrepresented communities continue to face racial discrimination in voting.

Congressman Mo Brooks alleges Democrats are waging a war on whites.

The ‘War on Whites’

An Alabama congressman who “does not believe in racism” is accusing one party of waging a “war on whites,” as Washington tries to deal with the wave of undocumented migrant children at the border.

Rand Paul Black Voters

GOP Presidential Hopeful Sees Importance of Black Voters

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the only major GOP figure who is making any effort to connect with the Black community. What’s behind his actions?

Stephen Steinlight

Conservative Analyst: ‘Being Hung, Drawn and Quartered Is Too Good’ for Obama

This is not the first inflammatory comment made by Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies. See what groups he has attacked here.

Politician mistakes campers for migrant children.

Politician Mistakes Campers for Migrant Children, Sees ‘Fear on Their Faces’

An Arizona man who is running for Congress claimed he saw a bus of migrant children with “fear on their faces,” before a reporter told him it was a summer camp bus.