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Jury Selection Begins in U.S. Case Against Church Shooter

Jury Selection Begins in U.S. Case Against Church Shooter

Dylann Roof faces charges including hate crimes for the murders of nine Black parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in 2015.

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Dozens of Investors Say North Carolina Bathroom law ‘Bad for business’

The investors "do not support legislation that limits discrimination protections and hampers the ability of our companies to offer open and productive workplaces and communities."

Election Central

Campaign Countdown: Election Central On Xfinity On Demand

Voters can catch up on political news via the Election Central destination on Xfinity On Demand.

Pastor Mark Burns

Trump’s Most Outspoken Black Supporter is a Liar

From whoppers about being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and his college degree to tweaking facts about his military record, Trump's number one Black supporter has a credibility collapse.

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Black Voters Have Plenty to Lose With Trump

Race — always a subtext in American politics — has moved center stage in this year’s presidential campaign. Commentary by Jesse Jackson.

Latinos Rally Against Trump

Fox News Poll on Latinos Gets Racist Response from Trump Supporters

Vile tweets were sent in defense of the Republican presidential candidate.

Darker President Obama Pictures Make White People Feel Threatened

A Stanford University study shows "racially-threatened whites motivated to restore the symbolic status of whites in America." " surprising if you think of the Tea Party as a sort of historical bridge to the Trump candidacy," said a Stanford professor.

Pro-Trump Students Mock MLK with Trump Hat Photo

A student political group at the University of South Florida posted the photo on social media, spurring controversy.

Trump’s Campaign Manager Allegedly Assaults a Breitbart Reporter

Reporters and editors resign because the conservative company has become a "Donald J. Trump for President media network."

Trump ‘Looking Into’ Paying Legal Fees of Rally-goer Charged with Assault

The white North Carolina man charged said if he encounters the Black man he assaulted again, he “might have to kill him.”

Clinton and Sanders Battle for the Black Vote

The presidential candidates campaign heavily ahead of the Democratic primary in South Carolina.

Trump Adviser Fired Following Discovery of Racist Facebook Posts

Sam Nunberg, former communications advisor of Trump’s campaign, denies the posts; insists, “… anything that was posted under my name does not mean I posted it.”

Multigenerational Asian Family

Will Asian American Political Influence Grow as Voting Population Doubles?

A new study projects explosive growth for Asian American registered voters and raises questions about the future of their political participation and clout.

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch Confirmation Stalled More Than 160 Days

Jeb Bush calls on Senate Republicans to stop stalling. President Obama has called the delay an “embarrassment.” Reports indicate a vote may come this week.

Alabama courts continue to fight gay marriage

Alabama Courts Continue Same-Gender Marriage Fight

Ignoring orders from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Alabama Supreme Court continues to block marriage for same-gender couples. But Alabama’s current governor doesn’t think it’s a civil-rights issue.

Ben Carson: Homosexuality Is a Choice, Prisons Make You Gay

In a CNN Interview, Dr. Ben Carson said he believes homosexuality is a choice, proven by the prison system. Carson has formed an exploratory committee for a 2016 Presidential run.

Obamacare is finding success, even in red states.

Obamacare Even Works in Red States … If You Let It

Two of the states with the greatest success in implementing Obamacare are a pair of largely anti-Obamacare states. But one used a neat trick to make it work.

Ron Paul: Black Congress Members Want All War Money for ‘Food Stamps’

The former Congressman and Presidential candidate has a history of making racially inflammatory comments. See what else he has said here.