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U.S. Judge Blocks Transgender, Abortion-Related Obamacare Protections

Trump, Republicans Set Timeframe for Introducing Obamacare Replacement

Republicans have had a difficult time coming to an agreement on a healthcare system to replace Obamacare.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

Racism in the ER: Black Kids Get Shortchanged

A new study shows huge differences in how people are treated.

Michael Carvin says Obamacare was written for women and minorities

Obamacare Written by ‘Women and Minorities,’ Says Opposing Lawyer

In a Wall Street Journal profile, the attorney leading the anti-Obamacare effort makes sarcastic comments about ACA’s source.

Obamacare is finding success, even in red states.

Obamacare Even Works in Red States … If You Let It

Two of the states with the greatest success in implementing Obamacare are a pair of largely anti-Obamacare states. But one used a neat trick to make it work.

Fact vs. Fiction: is Obamacare Working?

Fact vs. Fiction: Is Obamacare Working?

In the seemingly endless back and forth, both sides are claiming victory (or their opponent’s defeat) when it comes to Obamacare. But with midterm elections riding on it, is the Affordable Care Act actually working?

The U.S. economy would have contracted in the first quarter of 2014 if not for an increase in healthcare spending because of Obamacare.

Obamacare’s Big Save

In a gloomy report, healthcare spending thanks to Obamacare is the bright spot that keeps the U.S. economy from going into the red. Get the details here.

Sebelius Resigns: What Does This Mean For The Affordable Care Act?

After a rocky 5 years of leading Obamacare, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns. What does this mean for healthcare reform?

Obamacare is Fascism, says Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

‘Fascist’ Obamacare Will Cut Workers’ Hours: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Will Whole Foods eliminate full-time positions? CEO John Mackey blames Obamacare for impending cutbacks.